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Warning!!!!!! This review contains Graphic NSFW images and language, proceed at your own risk.


Today we'll be taking a look at another lady from native's Creators Collection line which are figures based off illustrations from popular artists. The figure in question is called "Elevator Girl" and you can see the illustration that the figure was based off of on the right.

The artist for the illustration is one Hanaharu Naruko who entered the scene in 2002 with his first manga Hitai in Comic Kairakuten. In 2005 he was also a character designer for the anime Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. He scored big in 2008 with his well received manga collection Shōjo Material which was highest selling adult manga of that year. Below you can see some of his other illustrations that have also been turned into figures, two of which are also by native.
I actually have the other three figures and eventually will review them. This figure was available for pre-order from native's online store in late 2014 and is very limited in quantity due to her made to order nature. She retailed for 12,000 Yen and was released on June 2015. At this time she's probably only available on the secondary market unless you luck out browsing some specialty store that might have a few still available.

The goal today is to see how faithful native was to the source illustration as well the fit and finish of the figure. We're also going to see if native stayed consistent with their trend to provide a base that adds to overall presentation of the figure.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.
Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

As usual native didn't go with a plain box but something that went with the theme of the character/illustration that the figure was based on. This time around they made the front of the box look like the doors to an old style elevator and it actually opens up. And as usual the contents are protected from prying eyes. The one thing that stood out for me was the use of the red band with the manufacturing information. I'm not sure why they did that instead of just printing on the box. I don't think it would have taken away from the presentation but then again I'm probably spending more time on that then needed.

The lining inside also serves as a background from the illustration so you can recreate the scene from the illustration. This is definitely appreciated and I hope this is a trend they continue with any future offerings.

Not shown is that they as usual covered the figure box in tissue paper but at least for me they did not use an exterior box along with the shipping box normally used to protect the figure box. This doesn't seem to be a trend as the next girl they released came with both the shipping box and exterior box. Even with the lack of the exterior box I was expecting the shipping box is very sturdy and should withstand abuse. The figure box was very solid which would have further helped protect everything. I'm guessing they did this to try to keep the weight down because with just the figure box you're almost at 2 Kg. The shipping box barely added any weight to the actual shipping weight so I can imagine the use of an external box probably would have brought the shipping weight close to 3 Kg. Size seems to reasonable considering the contents.

In any case as stated protection is excellent if not quite heavy. It cost them 4700 Yen to send via EMS from Japan to me in the US. She will definitely get to you safely but if you didn't order direct from native then it may cost you a pretty penny.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 1.74 Kilograms
Shipping Weight 2.12 Kilograms

H: 338 mm
W: 243 mm
D: 242 mm

The level of protection doesn't stop at the figure box. They did an excellent job with the blister as well. The blister is composed of several pieces. A pair for the figure and most of her accessories with another pair for an optional display piece to be used with the base. Within the primary blister you can see they also gave the figure a bathtub to further secure her and protect her. This on the level of protection you see in a ground attack aircraft like an A-10 Warthog with a titanium bathtub to protect the pilot. On top of that all of the blister pieces are taped together securely. The various pockets for her accessories are also secure. Note they did flatten the area on the blister in front of her face so you would have a clear, un-distorted view of her face when you first open the figure box up.

As usual instructions were included but this time they are in both Japanese and English. I'm not sure if this is the first time they did it since I actually have several other girls from native that I didn't open yet. This definitely shows they're paying attention to their international customers which is appreciated. The instruction are definitely helpful with setting up and preventing damage to the figure. And the illustration again was not packaged with the figure along with the instructions as they used to do. The card is now in a white envelope packed with the figure box but not inside it. I'm going to guess this is to avoid delays because the last girl I got from them did not come with the postcard at all and they had it send it separately. What this means is you'll have a greater chance of not getting the illustration card if you buy on the secondary market.

native definitely met and possibly exceeded expectations again with their packaging. Protection is excellent, she will get to you safely. If you ever bought a figure from me you know how much I pay attention to packaging and protection. The figure box also looks like and supports the theme of the figure and is actually part of the theme/base as well! The bilingual instructions definitely got my notice. All I can say is the normal trend for most manufacturers after the first few years they tend to go "cheap" on various things. native at least for now did not go down that road in regards to the packaging that I've seen other manufacturers undertake. Hopefully that doesn't change anytime soon.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Katsuaki Nemoto who has another native figure under his belt. You can see the other figure he's worked on below. The sculptor has been working with figures for a few years and has worked with a few manufacturers. If you look at the body of work you see a gradual refinement to the attention to detail and overall presentation of the figures. One thing I did notice but maybe it's my imagination is is the size of the figures. Note both figures in the picture are 1/7 scale and look about the same scale/size.

Now look at the other 1/7 native girls also from Hanaharu Naruko's illustrations are smaller. Granted, those figures are based on younger ladies but if you actually saw them in person you'd see one girl is gigantic compared to the others. So someone's scale seems to be off. In any case I'm showing the three girls so you can compare the accuracy to Hanaharu Naruko's style.

If you compare her with Chie who is 1/6 you can see Chie is definitely bigger than Elevator Girl. When I compare her against other 1/7 figures from other manufacturers she seems to be the right size. So maybe those other girls are just too small? I guess I'll find out when I get to reviewing them and looking into it further.

The figure can be separated into two pieces to allow for the installation or removal of her skirt. Note the skirt has two pegs that could be break easily if you're not careful lining them up. The skirt should be installed first before you fit her top torso back on. The fit on the torso is executed nicely resulting in no visible seam. As you can see she comes with a few other accessories to allow the recreation of the original illustration. The various accessories are actually fairly detailed.

In any case let's move onto the main attraction.



The pictures do not do her justice and she actually looks much better in person. In regards to how faithful they were to the illustration I'd say the details and overall execution matched up fairly closely.

Starting with her face you can see that Katsuaki did a nice job recreating her likeness. I tried to show it but she actually has both a top and bottom row of teeth. You can only see the bottom row in the pictures though. She also has a tongue that you can't see unless with lit magnification in her mouth. Probably one of the first things you'll notice about her when you look at her is those cheeks of hers. The transition to her neck is seamless and her other facial features look good. Again the pictures do not do her justice as she looks much better than I can show. All in all he did a great job transitioning from a 2D image to a 3D face as her profile looks good as well. A lot of times you'll see the issues when they try to recreate an illustration where their side profile just look weird.

Moving on to her hair one issue I've been noticing with the past few native girls is their hair is too big for their head and doesn't match up with the illustration in regards to the scale. Thankfully this isn't the case. Her hair volume/scale seems to match up perfectly with the proportions of her head and face. The detailing and accuracy of recreating her hair from the illustration is near perfect. He basically matched each detail down to a strand of hair. I mean look at her twin tails, do you see where the tails have parts in it along each curl? he matches it perfectly. Normally the hair is where a lot of sculptors and manufacturers get lazy with the lack of detail as well as the manufacturing process where the hair loses that detail or ends up too thick. Not in this case and it's definitely noticeable to me. The various strands of hair is somewhat flexible so it should withstand some damage but you definitely do not want to get any of them caught on something as it will still snag off if caught. In any case I love the job they did with her hair and it looks great from all sides.

I should have shot it better but the typical seam you expect at the top of the head? He integrated it perfectly with her hair style. It just follows through several parts in her hair. 99% of the time they get lazy and just have the typical hairband type break going across the hair of a figure. He didn't do it and took the time to pay attention to the details and presentation.

Moving on to her perky breasts again he did a excellent job with accurately recreating the illustration. However he did miss something. If you look closely at the illustration her nipples have milk ducts. This figure just have smooth nipples I made sure in case she had tiny ducts by looking under lit magnification. Aside from that he did a great job with shape and physics of her breasts. Also no ugly scars under the breasts that you find with some figures.

Her jacket contains the details seen in the illustration. He matched every wrinkle and crease almost perfectly with the only real issue being the right side of her jacket is in the wrong place. It looks like they did this to use the jacket as part of the support in keeping her up so it's understandable. If you're not sure what I'm talking about? Her right tail is supposed be behind the jacket but if they did that she would be leaning to the right more than they wanted. The only way they could pulled that off is to make the back of the figure completely flat so she could be displayed like the illustration.

I thought he did a nice job with her midsection. Even though it's obscured in the illustration I think it would have matched up perfectly. Kind of like the fact you can't count her individual ribs... What I was surprised with is you can see her spinal cord. Normally you find the small of the back on a figure so I thought it was an interesting change of pace.

Again with the attention to details! Look at how detailed her gloves are and the way the tie is tied up matching the illustration. He has even matched up all the creases and wrinkles on each glove. The tie is even tied exactly the same way. The only deviation is the thickness of the tie but I understand why they did that because it would definitely break if they matched the original thickness. Note the ends of the tie are very rigid and can break off if your not careful. What really got me was her fingers. She has realistic looking fingers, gloved that they are versus sausage fingers you see in almost every other figure.

Moving on down you can see she is anatomically correct. Her prominent clitoral hood from the illustration matches up fairly well with the illustration and you can even see her glans clitoris fully engorged. You get a full view of her labia minora and majora. You can even see her uretha and vaginal orifice as well as her anus. Basically you could get your GED in gynecology with this figure. She's that detailed.

Now at least for my figure I did have some issues with her butt cheeks. The lower parts transitioning from the labia majora is where they didn't do enough smoothing to remove the excess from the mold. I can still see some excess material from her lower butt cheeks to her butt crack. That's somewhat disappointing because they seem to have an issue in this area for the past few figures. For any other manufacture I'd expect this but native's deal is they have naked figures meaning you would expect they could handle their naughty bits better. However for display purposes this isn't an issue since you normally wouldn't have the figure in such a position to see it.

Aside from that issue I'm glad to see they didn't choose to flatten her butt but instead the put an indentation into the base to let her sit securely.

Again with the attention to detail note how her panties stretch and twist matches up fairly well with the illustration. I also like how he has them digging into her flesh and the same for the garter belt. Note the various ties from the garter belt are very flexible and should resist damage.

From head to toe she is just detailed. Look at how accurately he matches up with the panty hose from the illustration. The various rips, stretching and wrinkling match up perfectly. He also simulates the panty hose digging her legs realistically. The transition from her legs to the panty hose was done seamlessly as well.

Katsuaki Nemoto and native did an amazing job recreating Hanaharu Naruko's illustration. They successfully brought Elevator Girl to life. The attention to detail and level of accuracy with the transition was just amazing. The only blemish against them would be not doing a thorough job on removing the excess material from her rear end but it's not the end of the world. My expectations were definitely met and exceeded especially considering the past few girls from them where I noticed some laziness and shortcuts.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
native usually uses all the tools available to color their figures and this one isn't any different. Note as mentioned before that the pictures do not do the figure justice and you have to see her in person. In any case as you can see they match up fairly accurately with the illustration if you forgive the part where I couldn't recreate the lighting needed to illustrate the point in my photograph. One thing you probably noticed is she's not wearing a blue uniform. Both the illustration and the figure has a purple uniform. I've noticed native has been getting lazy with their official photographs where they stopped color correcting them so you don't actually see the real colors.

Starting with those big eyes of hers you can see they match up perfect with the illustration down to the streaks of tears. She actually has a blush which is still not included consistently by most manufactures when they're transitioning from a source material. At least it shows they are paying attention this time around. Her teeth both the top and bottom rows are colored as well as the inside of her mouth and tongue. Her hair is very detailed and matches up nicely with the illustration. Her flesh isn't one flat color but various shades and tone to breath life into it. Note the job they did with her naughty bits and breasts.

Look at the detailing they put into her uniform down to the buttons and gloves. The use of shading and accuracy of the hand painting. If you look at her garter belt I didn't show it well but the left side the ties are soaked and a darker color then the ties on the right side that are not wet. While the center of her garter belt is soaked with her sweat and other fluids is also dark. It matches up with the illustration but shows the attention to details

The attention to details and accuracy just do not stop. I think they did a great job coloring her and she matches up very well with the source illustration. The only thing lacking were her knees as you can see they were somewhat more fleshed out in the illustration but it's not the end of the world. Expectations were definitely met.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
In regards to posing, either the figure matches up with the illustration or it doesn't. But before I go into that discussion let me say this about the illustration. Looking at Hanaharu Naruko's work as well as the other native girls based off his work, I don't believe this character was sexually assaulted. I say this because there is a 4 panel strip by the artist where they have a guy having rough but consensual sex with his elevator girl. They wear similar uniforms and the girls look somewhat similar so I think this illustration expands on it since at the end of that strip they say "to be continued" where more than likely they continue their role play sex resulting in this illustration. Also the maid from the Shoujo Material manga, she was supposedly sexually assaulted as punishment for breaking some dishes by her master and friends. Right after they get done she breaks another dish waiting to be punished again. Looking at all that I don't believe this figure is glorifying sexual assault. Just seems to be two kinky lovers exploring their fetishes.

In any case if you can forgive the bad angle and lighting the figure does match up fairly well with the illustration so I think they succeeded in recreating it in figure form.

You have some display options such as whether you want to use the backdrop or not. Since it's so big I don't think most people will use it and just go with the base. For display purposes she should be at eye level or below. Putting her above actually changes the dynamics of the figure. The two main ways to display her is with or without her skirt. Either way she's going to be NSFW no matter which way you go with and not really much is covered even with her skirt on.

Not really much to say except the pose matches up fairly well with the illustration. Expectations were met.

Base: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
The past few figures native made the base an integral part of the figure they accompanied. This isn't any different. The thought they put into it actually surprised me. Not only did they provide a traditional circle base made to look like the floor of the elevator but they also included the background straight from the illustration. The circle base is just big enough to contain the figure and they put in indentations into the base so her butt cheeks could sit in them to keep the figure stable without resorting to giving her a flat butt. The vertical beam was kept separate from the base because you can use it independently with the backdrop instead. I was actually surprised by that level of forethought into the details.

As you can see you can basically recreate the illustration or use it for displaying other figures. Basically this is a big bonus from them. I really hope this trend continues. You should think this would be something that should be standard with figures that are based on an illustration?

native did a fantastic job with the display options. If you're pressed for space you can opt for the traditional base that somewhat recreates the illustration that the figure is based off of or you can go all in and recreate it completely. What they did was make a good figure even better with this addition. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Your enjoyment from a figure is subjective so for the purposes of this review it's referring to whether I regret my decision to acquire the figure. Without a doubt I do not regret my choice and if I had to do it again knowing what I know now I would not hesitate. The attention to detail and level accuracy put into this figure exceeded my expectations. I loved the bonus they included with the backdrop from the illustration. Katsuaki Nemoto was definitely faithful to Hanaharu Naruko's illustration. And for the most part native did a nice job with the fit and finish of the figure. She looks great and I can't say enough my pictures do not do her justice. I hope there is another collaboration between native and Katsuaki Nemoto as his attention to detail cannot be ignored.

See you later.
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Great review !
The realistic recreation of the artwork is stunning.
4 года назад
Azyx4 года назад#5022157There's an eyelash/hair near the loose shoe in some of the picture. s1.tsuki-board....

Ah, didn't notice. One of my ferrets.
4 года назад
StarshipPooper4 года назад#5022107Not sure I know what you mean?

There's an eyelash/hair near the loose shoe in some of the picture. s1.tsuki-board....
4 года назад
Azyx4 года назад#5022104Nice review like always! I have to ask, what's up with that intruder on some of your picture =P

Not sure I know what you mean?
4 года назад
Nice review like always! I have to ask, what's up with that intruder on some of your picture =P
4 года назад
ComboChrist S-Rank-Spirit
FYI: still avaible brandnew at Archonia.
4 года назад
I was excited to see your review. I got her a few months back and just amazed at how great she is. My favorite thing about her is just how rich her colors are.
4 года назад
I never liked this figure before when I saw it, but wow the details do look amazing in your photos! She has quite a cute face too
4 года назад
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