rinmatsuokaasrinmatsuokaas4 года назад
Today I finally managed to organise and sort out my Rin shrine after having to move it away from my work desk (sunlight goes onto my desk which is BAD for figurines!) so here is the result:




This isn't all the Rin merch I own, but there's only so much I can fit onto this tiny bedside desk ;w; but hey, at least I can show my friends how much I WORSHIP RIN.

I will probably take pictures of my uni room with all my posters and merch scattered arounf, so another post with come soon!

More Rin merch will be added to the shrine over time, but for now... ALL HAIL MY HUSBAND.
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Manjuu4 года назад#4047200You could always make an itabag out of those keychains and badges! It saves space and at the same time makes use of those merchandises.

I have before in this blog post here (blog/23323&...) but I wanted to see just exactly how much Rin merch I had and I was honestly surprised and shocked! xD
4 года назад
kanjiaragaki4 года назад#4047091You're so very welcome!
I own all of the Gou figs currently made other than the graphig (which I'm getting to) search.php?char...
But I'd really just love something non-chibi of Gou. ):
Ideally, in a far distant planet where female characters on shows meant for the female-gaze got figures, I'd love a scale to match Rin's Alter scale. But I'd really just settle for a non-chibi prize and be forever happy. Haha. A figure that combined the two of them would also be ideal. djkfd;
Thank you! I'm trying my best. ;_;
I'm also curious about the cafe poster! I saw a few people that took orders for them but they were all out of my price range. May I ask where you got yours? O:

Oh yes that would be perfect too! Imagine a full scale Gou figure?! But they need to release Nagisa and Rei ones first...
I got mine from a friend who lives in Japan (Audrey) for around $25-$30 if I can remember correctly? They're really hard to come across now because the Cafe event is over... you can always try looking at proxy sites to see if anything comes up?
4 года назад
Leosach4 года назад#4047047Uow I love Seeing shrines! good work!

Ahhhh thank you!
4 года назад
kawaii-lurve4 года назад#4047024This is so beautiful!

Love this quote and picture! Hits me in the feels every time... RIN BABY ;w;
4 года назад
Ruritto4 года назад#4046986Oh man I'm so jealous! I can't even display my stuff yet cause no space. Can I ask where and for how much you got Rin cafe poster from?

Omg nooooooo don't be jealous ;w; I got my Rin cafe poster from Audrey (aitaikimochi.st...) but I don't know if she's still selling them because the Free! Iwasame Cafe is over and been changed to a Starmyu Cafe... I got mine for around $25-30 I think? I also bought a Sousuke one ahahaha but that was when I actually had money xD
4 года назад
TheYuiChan4 года назад#4046978This is like me with Levi but way better

Oh gosh, thank you /-\
4 года назад
solluxcaptor4 года назад#4046965Wow, amazing *__* I love how much your dedication shines through!

Hehe yes! I am a dedicated Rin and Free! collector :D thank you so much, I'm glad you can see that /-\
4 года назад
domhnulla4 года назад#4046938best boy shrine 11/10 very nice

Thank you~ *3*
4 года назад
Namiel4 года назад#4046930My cat would kick everything around, lol.

My cat would too, but luckily I'm living in university accommodation now xD
4 года назад
You could always make an itabag out of those keychains and badges! It saves space and at the same time makes use of those merchandises.
4 года назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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