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Hi!! I bought some pripara nendoroids and they're pretty great!!

But I was wondering... Is there a way to buy a circle base like they have in the promo pictures? Mine came with the hexagonal peg stand but they'd look a lot better with a base like the one in the picture. Thanks!!
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Yer you can always make your own :D
Someone uploaded a tutorial before, have a look at it
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You could always make your own if you have the tools, or get someone you know to do it for you!
Just look up acrylic discs or something similar on ebay or amazon and pick a size/thickness that fits your taste. I don't know what kind of a system the co-de line uses to attach the figures on the base so you would have to figure out how to work that out on your own, though.
4 года назад
Not sure where you could get a circle base like in the promo pictures unless you buy a cheap nendoroid who had that type of base, but you could always just buy one of the sets that come with the small circle bases.

Both of these sets come with two. You can see them in the picture next to the tatami mat. They are very small and good to use if you are taking photos and don't want a huge base under the figure. It's too bad you can't buy these individually, but if you plan on using the set it's a good buy. ^^'

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