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Welcome to the October Loot~!

(I'm getting sloppier with my Loots by the month)
This month was rather nice! I got two Scales, a nendoroid, a Blu-ray and a few small trading figure~
Let's start!~

I'm starting off with my scales!
I've always wanted to have a little Tales of Collection, since I love the series. This month I started with the main character of my favourite game! Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symponia!


I got him rather cheap off of AmiAmi in A/B condition (6,900Yen) and it was more of a spontaneous buy actually. But I really love him~ Check out some better pictures of him in my review of him here: BLOG #24618

Next up is another Tales of Scale! Asbel Lhant Tales of Graces~ After seeing that he's only 5.200JPY new on AmiAmi I immediately snatched him!~ And he's an awesome figure as well!
A nice way to start off my Tales of Collection.


Next is this months Nendoroid! This time it's Kaito Senbonzakura Version. I already got the Miku one (which was my first Miku figure ever) so when they announced Kaito (which is my favourite from the Vocaloids) it was clear that I had to get him, so I could display them together! It's sad that he has so few accesories in comparison to Miku but otherwise he's super cute! I feel like the hat sticks a little better to him than on Miku (there's a magnet in the head).
I would have loved for the sword to have a peg though. When he's in the pose where he's laying his hand on the sword, it lightly falls over and it's a little annoying.


Next up is this cute 'lil Sakura Trading figure. I got her from a local convention as a blind box and I managed to get her with cat ears. I didn't really mind, because I think that all the figures from the set are cute ^^


Then there's these two Super Mario figures which were actually available at McDonalds in Europe~ They're pretty cheaply made of course, but as a free toy, pretty nice. The Mario one can even make sounds.


And the last one is the Nausicaä Blu-ray that I also got at the convention. I've been wanting to get that movie for a while now and immediately rewatched it. It's still a lovely movie~

And for the wonderful ending, let's look at everything together~

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airi-02x4 года назад#5523625Err. You might want to adjust your photos a bit? They are a tad large?
Your loot looks good though :3

Welp....Something went wrong there alright...
(I think I have to completely re-edit them...weird, always used to work fine for me...I'll leave them small for now and do it later. But thanks for telling me.)
4 года назад
Err. You might want to adjust your photos a bit? They are a tad large?

Your loot looks good though :3
4 года назад