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So it’s about that time for another loot post. This one’s on a much smaller scale than the previous ones though, which I appreciate. There were a lot of items delayed until October and it’s going to hurt. For now though, everything else arrived without incident.


This was the result after the great unboxing. Pretty even spread I would say. Three Nendos, three Figmas and three scales.



So first up we have Cynthia (Shirona) of Pokemon lore. I opened the box and was immediately blown away by just how big Garchomp is. I looked at the product pictures, but it never sank in just how large he is compared to Cynthia, I mean the box was 67% Garchomp which is awesome.



While Red is my homeboy, I was way more impressed with Cynthia’s release and how much they were able to squeeze in this box. Not to mention, three starters vs Garchomp is a recipe for disaster.


I still have mixed feelings about TerraForMars' anime debut, but I love most of the characters regardless. While the situation goes to hell quickly, the characters remain badass throughout. Akari is one such BAMF, especially with those crazy eyes and all. Just waiting for signs from the heavens now for Michelle K. Davis’ Nendo.


Big Nendo number 500 and boy is Sakura Miku a beaut. The hair and colors are just so gorgeous. I don’t know what more I can say about this one.



And now for the most high-octane purchase of the group. I was really debating on this Miku and especially the bike, but they really do complement each other. Now I couldn’t imagine biker-girl Miku without her trusty steed. The only thing I was a little miffed about is the number of decals. I’m used to dealing with decals, but I feel like a number of them could have just been printed on the bike to begin with. Oh well, another project for later.




Ahh Rin, everybody’s favorite tsundere. While I would have preferred her signature red outfit, I can understand doing something a little different with a 2.0 release. I’m still happy to add this to the collection, especially with the nice little additions like the sneakers and her SPIRIT GUN!


As a school girl and a shoto-clone, there’s not much that I find original about Sakura, but hell I love her all the same. Especially this sculpt. The musculature is impressive and she fits nicely with the other Street Fighter gals. Plus she’s just so cute and spunky.


Sayla Mass, arguably one of the best characters in Mobile Suit Gundam and especially MSG the Origin. I sat on this one for a while, well after the release date, and eventually caved in. I’ve been devouring MSG the Origin volume by volume and after the latest one I’ve read (7) I had to have her. I'm hoping that more characters from the franchise get similar treatment.



Jack the Ripper… thighs for days. To the point of ridiculousness actually. Her proportions are way off the scales, and I think that’s part of the allure to me. She’s like a small girl with the legs of an Amazonian. Her accessories are pretty sweet to boot. So many knives, and the fact that her holster attaches via magnets is a pretty nice touch too.





Oh Satsuki. We pigs in human clothing are unworthy in your presence. She is definitely one of my most favorite characters in recent years and I’ve really been looking forward to this Figma. Time for her to take center stage. Also, I really love how Junketsu came out.


And that’ll do it for September. Now to wait and feel the pain of all the October delays. Thanks for reading.
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ZoroZoldyck5 лет назад#3857427DAT AKARIII <3
I know, right? Haha, what a beast.

SamuraiofHeiji5 лет назад#3857480i wonder about that sakura quality. it is great, isn't it?
You mean sakura Miku? She's wonderful. Definitely one of the best Nendos I own. The only problem I had was getting the peg into her back. Besides that, completely flawless.
5 лет назад
i wonder about that sakura quality. it is great, isn't it?
5 лет назад
5 лет назад
kotorii5 лет назад#3837943very nice loot! (and great pictures to showcase them.)
Thanks! After the unboxing, taking photos is my favorite part of the loot process.

LovelyIdiot5 лет назад#3838261Ah the pokemon and Miku nendoroids look fantastic! Makes me almost regret not picking Cynthia from the shops when I saw her @ _ @
Awesome loot, your photos are really nice, but I don't wanna come off as rude or anything and it was very small but yellow writing is hard to read~

They are lovely aren't they? And rude? Haha, not at all. That's a valid point. Made the text darker so it should be easier to read. Thanks.
5 лет назад
Ah the pokemon and Miku nendoroids look fantastic! Makes me almost regret not picking Cynthia from the shops when I saw her @ _ @

Awesome loot, your photos are really nice, but I don't wanna come off as rude or anything and it was very small but yellow writing is hard to read~
5 лет назад
very nice loot! (and great pictures to showcase them.)
5 лет назад
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