Pre-owned Non-genre Mixed Grab Box S Size (For Boys & Girls)Pre-owned Non-genre Mixed Grab Box S Size (For Boys & Girls)Loot

MaakieMaakie5 лет назад
Here I am again with another grab box! I have a bit of a backlog with writing my blogs, which is why it took so long from my previous grab box BLOG #21590 blog! For the people interested in why I am so slow nowadays: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерI used to work parttime and could spend a lot of free time on my volunteer work, cosplay and blog. Nowadays I work fulltime (and up) and I get asked a lot more to be a guest, lecturer or judge at conventions and other events, which also increased the amount of cosplay I make. So that change on top of having less free time overall makes me neglect by blog a bit... I'm not happy with it and hope I can pick up being more active soon here again! I should get a lot less busy after summer considering a lot less conventions and events take place then. Then I just have to hope that my boss doesn't give me even more hours a week... ^^''

This time it's the box that was advertised as a "Pre-owned For Boys & Girls" box. With the amount of grab box blog posts on MFC it's pretty clear which types of items and series merchandise you can find in girls and boys boxes, so this new type should be a surprise! And before I knew it, I had clicked the order button again! Why am I so weak for grab boxes, you ask? They are just way too much fun to open!

So, what's inside this one?




I was actually a bit afraid when I opened the box and the first thing I saw were the erasers. The erasers by themselves are fine and highly detailed, but I remember they were a bonus with a previous wave a grab boxes holding worse items than they normally would. *gulp* Here we go...


I was first greeted by a gigantic ruler from Attack on Titan ITEM #310916 ! Or well, the ruler itself is 15CM, but the packaging is enormous (something that you see quite often with prize items)!



Next up was this big drawstring bag, of which I later found out that it came from a gag manga called Bonobono. ITEM #319295 Never heard of it myself.


Then there was this big Vanguard card game play mat. It seems like play mats are now a regular thing to get in grab boxes nowadays! They have a no-slip backside so can be used as mousepads too. ITEM #319314



A cardgame set from No More Eiga Dorobou. For the people that don't know this, these are the mascots from a campaign against movie piracy. One of the commercials for people that want to see it: Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер

Aaahh, Japanese commercials. How I love them.
I like the looks of the mascots quite a bunch myself, but I have so many card decks already! >.< ITEM #319338


Next up is this HUGE cat key chain, where I also read other users being confused with. After some searching around I found out that it's just literally a "Persian cat Keychain" made by Hobby Stock and nothing from an (anime) series. They have a series made from felt and a set from rubber using the same cat illustrations with different cat breeds. Because the item is too generic, it isn't allowed in the database, so here is the information: from the Pic-Lil! Nyanko series, made from felt, size 13CMx5CM.


Then some Ichiban Kuji from Attack on Titan. This being a set with multiple small titans. ITEM #200188


A trumpet and a loose piano stool in a way too big box. From the anime Nodame Cantabile. I remember seeing a blog from another user (can't find it right now) with him/her also receiving a part of a piano and being confused. My guess is that you get one full instrument + a part of a piano so you can build a full piano in the end. ITEM #8331


Then there was this huge and heavy box that contained a Monster Hunter weapon + display base. I got the Bolt Axe. ITEM #319352 I'm pretty impressed by the quality and size of this thing!


I got pretty excited when I saw this box and was especially hoping to get ITEM #12271 ! Then just before opening it I thought "Oh well, as long as it's not ITEM #12287 I'll be happy." And guess who I got when I opened it? Yep. ITEM #12287


Evil bunny (Rabbit Soldier) charm from Witchcraft Works, I never heard from this anime before. ITEM #198718 The synopsis of this series doens't sound that good, but I like the artstyle. Maybe I'll give it a try.


At first I thought I had an generic race car trading figure with some accesories and stickers, but this turns out to be from an anime called Shin Seiki GPX Cyber Formula. Although car racing series are completely not my thing, I found out the artist from the series is the same one as Mai HiME/Otome, which is pretty nice! ITEM #319372


This was a funny surprise that reminded me I really need to watch/read Parasyte. ITEM #319632


Next there was a Be@rbrick from Hawkeye from the Avengers. ITEM #180249 Apprently this a special lottery one, I'm not really into Be@rbrick myself so I don't know much about it.


I was surprised to find a metal strap from Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins), considering it's a pretty new and quickly-gaining-popularity series! ITEM #253818


A big keychain from the Konami game "Yie Ar Kung-Fu". I never heard of this game before. The pixel-effect is pretty nice. ITEM #319633


And from that same game, a button set. ITEM #319634


Mini figure for a Kinnikuman stacking game. I know Kinnikuman is a parody series, but the over-the-top character designs are just too much for me! ITEM #319640


A figure of Griffith from Berserk ITEM #18361 ! I never read/watched Berserk, even though it has been recommended to me so much in lots of ongoing years by lots of people. xD


And then at the bottom of the box there was this pile of cuties! Four kat keychains from Yokai Watch. I'm not familiar with Yokai watch myself, for the readers, is it recommendable? I heard of it being slightly childish and a bit like Pokémon? About the hangers themselves I couldn't find much about them, so I have no clue if they were a set, prize items or something else...


ITEM #320985


ITEM #320986


ITEM #320987


ITEM #320988

Final Thoughts

Compared to my previous grab box BLOG #21590 this box had a lot less items I personally enjoyed. My boyfriend also made the comment he thought it was more gamer and older-audiences oriented compared to the earlier grab box and I think he's right about that. Still, this is not a bad grab box at all looking at the amount and size of items I got. I do hope for more items from my personal tastes next time. :)

As for my blog here, I have such a backlog that another grab box from the last round is on it's way to me. So soon I can look into that one and write a blog about it (I'm not sure yet when I can have that blog done). And about the other blog things I promised, such as talking about my (anime) shopping trip to New York already quite some months ago...well, that one is quite far done now! I was actually hoping of uploading that one next week, but I'm working so much hours next week (just got my schedule) that I'm not sure if I will manage to put it up. >.< I hope you guys are still enjoying reading my blogs, though! Just a bit slower than you used to be. ;) Have a nice day and feel free to leave comments!
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VioFitz5 лет назад#3158234Lol, no problem with that! Afterall I'm very late on posting comments in here.
Hahaha, looking forward to your next grab, Maakie-san.

Yeah a lot of people like those little things and I feel they're not really worth it to sell them. :P

And I'm leaving for vacation in a few days, so don't expect any blog from me until august, sorry!
5 лет назад
Maakie5 лет назад#3139788Ah, all of the erasers I have already gifted to other people, sorry! D: And yes, this box was quite unique! In the future I prefer boys boxes again, though. :P

Lol, no problem with that! Afterall I'm very late on posting comments in here.

Hahaha, looking forward to your next grab, Maakie-san.
5 лет назад
VioFitz5 лет назад#3136297Whoa... That grab looks funny but, unique & interesting... I loved that erasers, they looked tasty like I want to try that.

Ah, all of the erasers I have already gifted to other people, sorry! D: And yes, this box was quite unique! In the future I prefer boys boxes again, though. :P
5 лет назад
Whoa... That grab looks funny but, unique & interesting... I loved that erasers, they looked tasty like I want to try that.
5 лет назад
Kuuga5 лет назад#3106244another loot ?
nice item, maakie.
my latest loot is Figma Solid Snake

Yeah, I love these grab boxes, so whenever I am on time I try to get one! :)

How's Solid Snake?
5 лет назад
another loot ?

nice item, maakie.

my latest loot is Figma Solid Snake
5 лет назад
tomoko5 лет назад#3105288Great loot, that persian keychain is really cute~

Yeah, but so big and useless though! xD But it's a cat on a roomba, what not to love? xD
5 лет назад
Great loot, that persian keychain is really cute~
5 лет назад
bravely5 лет назад#3105108Yokai Watch is a fantastic game. It's an rpg with elements from pokemon

bravely5 лет назад#3105113It's a 3ds game made into a show. Yes, an adult can watch it, it's really fun

Oh, I didn't know that! I thought it was only an anime! Unfortunately I don't own a 3DS... :(
5 лет назад
Maakie5 лет назад#3102429Ah yeah, I saw those Pocky's at multiple cons. Still, there is also Pocky from characters like Rilakkuma which is loved by everyone of every age. xD
Hrmm only saw a few episodes from Doraemon when I was really young. But yeah, more aimed at kids, but it can be fun as an adult too, I guess?

It's a 3ds game made into a show. Yes, an adult can watch it, it's really fun
5 лет назад
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