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Hello everyone, this is going to be my first loot post that wasn't for my birthday. These items were bought within the last 2 months.

First up is the figures I picked up:


The first figures I picked up were Levi and Eren DXF Cleaning version from a local shop, I really like how they fit together, even though Eren's face is kinda derpy.


Next is Law from One Piece: Grand Line Men Vol. 7 15th Anniversary Edition, which I got from the same shop. I love Law, I actually have his original GLM release so I am now happy to have both and look forward to getting his next release later this year. For this one I really like his coat and kinda wish he would have worn it in the show.


The third figure I got from a local comic book store on FCBD. Damain Wayne(Robin) from Batman and Robin New52 released by Kotobukiya. Tim Drake will always be my favorite Robin, but Damain grew on me in the New52 so I was a must buy. I really like the metalic paint that this figure has.


Last in the figure department is Vegetto (Vegito) from DBZ Kai Master Stars Piece, while Future Trunks and Vegeta will always be my favorite characters from the series, I do have a soft spot for Vegetto as well. The part in the anime where he arrives has always been a favorite of mine so buying him was a no-brainer. I like how tall he is, he is also really heavy for a prize figure.

Now for other things:


Attack on Titan 13 & 14
Library Wars: Love & War 13

Yu Yu Hakusho Part 2
Free! Complete Season 1

Thank you for taking the time to read this post if you did, I hope to make more loot posts in the future. :D
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