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Welcome to this Review!!
"Young Master, it's time to wake up now. A review of your figure has been prepared."

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This time it's the long awaited Kotobukiya Ciel Phantomhive!
This is a Prepainted 1/8 Scale Figure out of PVC and ABS.
Let's get right to the photos!


The box of this figure is just marvelous. A black box with shining, silver letters and blue roses. (Nah, I didn't buy a spare, this is just for a friend)
The back of the box shows beautiful pictures.

The rose on the back is pressable to make it easier to open the box. Very cute~

Ciel is packed neatly and safe in the typical blister. He also has some extra foil around him and the horse to keep him safe.

Even the instructions are cute. It has same roses and chess pieces on it and shows you how to fit everything together.



Let's see Ciel from all sides first!

And a size Comparison with Alter Azusa(ITEM #26795):
Ciel with 7.02inch and Azusa with 7.8inch

(Just the horse base)
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Let's get more into detail on the beautiful sculpting!

A close-up on his face~ No, his hair is not a blob.
His hair is perfect, even though it looks way better in real-life, I have to admit. His eye is very detailed.
Only minus point is still the mouth. It's only painted from below, so there's almost no mouth at all.

Detail of the rose on the front.

The beautiful back of his head. Beautiful eyepatch band, his hair could be a slight more detailed in my opinion.

The staff is sculpted very neatly. So much detail!
It is kinda wobbly though and presses against Ciel's leg. It will probably bend over time.

Side of his torso. I'm not even sure if that line there is a seamline or belongs to the jacket. Even if it is a seamline, in blends in pretty well, so nothing to complain.

This shows you:
1.The typical shoulder gap we know. I think it blends in well with the outfit though.
2.All of them beautiful wrinkles.
3.The nice shading on his back + shoulder blades <3

Close-up on his hand, chess piece and ring. Making the chess piece fit can be tricky. There's no "real way" to do it. No "click" sound no insurance. You just shove it in there until it holds somehow. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of preowned Ciel's in the future with a missing chess piece xD

Detail on the horse head. (You can even move around the leash =D)

Detail on the horse leash. Also shows you the big chest seam line. (Not that bad since it is supposed to be displayed from the side) A bit of paint was already chipped off on my figure though, right where the seamline is...That's not supposed to happen.

Typical head gap. Not too bad and actually not seeable from the front at all. The little seamline on the right of his head is more distracting in my opinion.

Aaaand Crotch shot!
Only to show you the seam line on his inner thigh of course.
(And all dem wrinkles)



The painting on this figure is really beautiful, as you probably could already see above.
First are the two sides of this cloth Ciel is sitting on. The flower pattern is not painted (just printed) of course, but nevertheless very beautiful.

Another detail on the glove and his ring.

Just look at how on spot these buttons are!

All the painting issues, that I'm going to show you in the following are all problems that I really had to look for. Meaning, those are minor problems that you normally won't notice.
First off is this little painting error on his left shoe. Not noticeable from afar. His other shoe is fine.

Another painting error at the ribbon on his back. You can only see it from this paticular angle, as it is inside a gap.

And the detail on his other hand. The ring is really beautiful, the line between his glove and his wrist could be better though.



The posing is awesome. We see our young Ciel Phantomhive, sitting on a giant chess piece. He's holding his skull-staff in his one hand, another Knight Chess Piece in his right.
Ciel, as the king, is of course allowed to ride around on his knight's back, being moved around the chess board to achieve his goal: Victory.
Resting his arm relaxed on his knee, Ciel doesn't seem to be bothered by this high position at all. He moves forward with a determined look on his face.
(Wow...did this go too deep?)

Anyway, the posing fits the character, the look on his face is good, overall great.


Well, of course this isn't the ordinary black hexagon base that I normally comment on.
A giant black horse(knight) chesspiece is used as base for Ciel to sit on, what more to say?
The horse is sculpted awesome and overall I just love this idea. It's not a normal knight chesspiece but a realistic-style horse, standing on his back feet or...chess body.
There are two pegs on the tail of the horse that Ciel's feet fit into. It actually wasn't that easy to fit him onto it and Ciel is not highly stable (I can jiggle him around if I want to) since his butt is completely floating. His left foot still doesn't fit completely in...
It does look wonderful though, if you manage to fit the pegs completely into his feet, it's not even noticeable what he's held with. (When I first saw this figure, I actually thought he would have a peg in his butt)



Overall, in my opinion, this is the very first beautiful Ciel Figure! The sculpting, the painting, the pose, the outfit...Very much spot on!
The flaws are all minor...I'd love to have him in a bigger size though!


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Ah, he's so beautiful! I would love to own him someday! ^^ Thanks for the review!
5 лет назад
Riesz5 лет назад#2878644Great review! He is a lovely figure but I just can't get past the bright blue hair, it's very disappointing to me. I wish they had used a less saturated shade of blue, and also darker shade. Even with that issue it's still a struggle not to order him, but he's expensive so I'd want him to be perfect :\

I can understand that.
I don't think his hair is as blue as it might look on some pictures though. The real colour is really more of a greyish tone. (Pretty much how it looks on this picture: picture/1262638...)
5 лет назад
birdy Magical Girl
I'm not as much of a fan of Kuroshitsuji as I used to be, but this is freaking awesome. Thanks for the review!
5 лет назад
Man, I can't wait to get him :D Think I love the box as much as I love the figure :) Curious now to see what Sebastian's box will look like too.
5 лет назад
I've been waiting on a review about him, thanks for this!

I'm not a fan of Black Butler but when I saw his prototype, I had thought I wanted him because he looked so amazing. Then I saw him colored and in person when I was in Japan and I just noped (my issue is with the mouth). Maybe if I were in the fandom I'd have been able to look past it because he looks quite good otherwise!
5 лет назад
Great review! He is a lovely figure but I just can't get past the bright blue hair, it's very disappointing to me. I wish they had used a less saturated shade of blue, and also darker shade. Even with that issue it's still a struggle not to order him, but he's expensive so I'd want him to be perfect :\
5 лет назад
I am not gonna lie. I am not that big fan of Black Butler but the Prototypes looked beautiful. And for my taste it looks really cheap for that price.

The shinning horse... I dont like it, it looks so cheap. Ciel's face is a total no go for me. I would be really disapointed if i would have orderd that and get this. >.<
5 лет назад
MusicMarshmellow5 лет назад#2878392Thanks! Im gonna get that now

Glad for you! =D
He, AmiAmi I just sold a figure to someone. Will you hire me?
5 лет назад
Uke5 лет назад#2878383I ordered him on AmiAmi.
He's currently on there preowned for a little cheaper =D

Thanks! Im gonna get that now
5 лет назад
MusicMarshmellow5 лет назад#2878278Oh..love your review. After reading your review i want to buy it.
Where did you get yours?

I ordered him on AmiAmi.
He's currently on there preowned for a little cheaper =D
5 лет назад
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