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shun shun shun shun

Before anything else, this is the first time I added an entry, so if any of the more seasoned contributors noticed that I made a mistake, let me know right away!

With that said,

Welcome to another one of those reviews that half of the time, the writer doesn't know what he is talking about (all the while making references people might not get so hip)!

... I'm sorry in advance.

A quick intro: RWBY is a web-animation from the United States of 'MURICA by Rooster Teeth, by Monty Oum (Rest in RIP in peace), and had was licensed by Warner Bro. Japan, the first 'MURICAN web-animation to be licensed TO Japan (or so they announced hey I'm just the messenger).

WARNING nuclear launch detected this will be, as usual, image heavy!


If the thumbnail tipped you off (which it should), the art book in question is the RWBY Official Japanese Fan Book, Volume 1!

I snagged this off Mandarake for... please don't ask. 8000yen

The first thing you'll probably notice is that there are 22 illustrators on board of this book! Wow.

It is weird that the "catalog" or table of contents is at the end of the book though

Let's go back to the front again

Oh look they included a short introduction for the series


Aside from the illustrations, they included nice character pages for almost everyone (or is it everyone?), with short description in moon runes Japanese,


Oh, I guess that IS everyone.

With 22 illustrators, I have no idea where to start, actually you know what I'll just focus on the ones that I like a lot, and if you guys want to see the others, comment away!

Note: These are not exactly scans they're really more photos, I'm only using a scanner application on my phone which does the work nicely... when I bother to use it properly.

Here's one by Shirow Shirou Miwa! He did the main 4, I like how Blake got her own page :v

I just flipped through the book a second time and TNSK made a nice Yang art. Sure I can scan it and correct my blog post before I post it in public BUT I'M BLOGGING IN REAL TIME I AIN'T GOT NO TIME FOR THAT

This one is by Toi8, one of the joys of buying art books with many illustrators is that, you get to discover new ones, I like their style, I guess I'll be looking for Toi8's work!

Here have a Blake special

Fans of the Monogatari series should be familiar with Hajime Ueda, needless to say I'm still waiting for Tsubasa Hanekawa's Ueda figure,

This is Penny (she is combat ready) by Kei Toume, this is the only Penny art WHY DONT JAPAN LOVE MORE ROBOT GIRLS no wait a second they already have a lot

Thisisjustgorgeousokaythankyou Hiroyuki Asada

Mandatory better crop (imo)

With a similar-ish style, this is Roman Torchwick by Shouu Tajima


... I will hunt you two down, Jinsei and Kazuma

Oh hey look they also included a section for a short interview with the artists TOO BAD I'M LAZY

That's it for now! Anymore and I think the thing won't load properly anymore.

If any of you guys want a better scan or take a look at one of the artists I didn't cover, just send me a pm or leave a comment! I'll try my best :v
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Really Great! (Well the ones that will load) and you are one of the few on earth posting scans.

I'll PM you shortly. I do have a request.

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ZoidsFanatic5 лет назад#2820888Very cool. Never knew RWBY was big in Japan. The artwork is very well done.
Thanks for sharing!

Pixiv's got a following, although it's been a while since I roamed there :v

OmegaForte5 лет назад#2821831Maybe I should have brought this. I'm a RWBY fan, but I just don't see myself buying this at the current prices it's going for.
Love the art work.

Definitely, even at 8k yen I was also struggling to justify that price :v
5 лет назад
I just don't get how there are "fans" of this in Japan. Most of the art looks better than the actual product, lol.
5 лет назад
Maybe I should have brought this. I'm a RWBY fan, but I just don't see myself buying this at the current prices it's going for.

Love the art work.
5 лет назад
Very cool. Never knew RWBY was big in Japan. The artwork is very well done.

Thanks for sharing!
5 лет назад