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Hiya boys and girls here's our next review of the month keeping with the purple haired lovelies trend set last time with Jun we now venture into a rather different direction this time with Nana.

She was delayed several months, but as you'll see she was well worth the wait. ~_^


Nana-chan here comes from the above illustration done by Eeji Komatsu, which was on the cover of Megami Magazine Creators Vol.8. Sadly this is all their is to her as far as backstory goes... : (

Ah either way she is Eeji's original creation...If any of you have any vague interest in Mecha-Musume or Moe art I HIGHLY recommend checking out Eeji's various works as you can see above the man is brilliant when it comes to this kind of subject material!

The box she comes in is actually pretty neat...It reminds me alot of the ones Gundam FIX figuration's come in what with the clean white lettering and bits of GFX on a clear box, which is a nice subtle added touch for our Mecha girl.

The interior isn't quite as fun...They wrapped the plastic as tight as they could in other parts while using accursed tape and plastic on other parts almost making something sharp a necessity to allow you to (carefully) cut her out of all the crap...

Uwaaa~ She really has visual impact

After your done killing yourself trying to free her and her accessories from plastic mummification you'll be staring down more then a dozen or so various parts....and ofcourse nary an single instruction manual in-sight...*sigh*

I somehow muddled through it using the product shots on the back as reference, but you should save yourself some trouble and use some of the more detailed shots of her online really...

Some snippets of advice for those who are assembling her...Take her head off before you attach the backpack...Don't attach the backpack support rod until its attached to her back first...Put the lower clear plastic semi circles on the backpack AFTER you put her head on.

As for the weapons make sure to sit her "gun" in a slightly titled manner where it isn't pushing too hard on her hair and arm...Play with it abit to get a good feel. Lastly absolutely DO NOT put her scalpels in her hand until your 100% done and ready to display her or you will run a great risk of losing them...You can probably get some idea of the labor involved in this thing from those comments aswell...

All and all its a real PITA to put her together in all honesty and reminded me why I gave up Mecha modeling (Although atleast those came with flippin instructions...), but once your done she is quite the impressive sight.

Beautiful Mecha wings~~~

While your in the process of making her you'll no doubt notice how nicely detailed all of her Mecha bits are...While the paintjob on them isn't always perfect the molding and detailing is spot on. The little writing is especially impressive and for the most part written in correct English.

The clear plastic parts on the rear of the flightpack and the lower semi-circles are all well cast and look great (Assuming you didn't accidentally scoff them like my idiot self when assembling her). Her gun also comes with some clear plastic bits showing off the what I'll assume is blood inside.

All the attachments to her Flight Pack are interestingly enough movable, so if for whatever reason you want to change her look slightly you can although I found the default positions to easily be the best looking configuration.

Soooo many fun bits...Can't you just see the lights about to flick on just before she takes off.

Moving from the mecha parts onto Nana herself she looks just about as great as her accessories...Everything about her and her uniform has been molded quite nicely, especially her face.

Her boots are probably the only thing that doesn't look very good...Theirs alot of paint mess on them aswell as mold lines. Its alittle bizarre how they made the paint so neat on her upper half, but botched it so much on the leggings...Even more annoying considering you can remove her top, but not the sub-par leggings. >_<

Ah speaking of cast-off hers is alot more straightforward then the assembly was for sure, just simply pop her clothes off at the little "studs" and they come off rather effortlessly.

Underneath she has a nice bodyscuplt with good shading all over though she does have a pair of very noticeable mold lines running on either side...She also has a massive paint transfer problem. Starting from her neck that looks red in an almost goro way theirs small amounts of red and white transfered from the clothes onto her skin all over.

For me this doesn't matter much since I never display figures casted off, but for those who do be wary. Getting her reclothed is pretty painless just be extremely careful with the ultra tiny fastening rivets as they tend to fly off at random.

I had originally taken some cast-off shots of her, but accidentally...*cough* deleted them...And I'm far too lazy to go back and reshoot them. In all honesty though to display her castoff you'd have to show her without the flight pack and why in the world would you want to buy a mecha musume figure only to display it without the Mecha part... O.o


Finally her base pulls the whole package together quite nice...It has little geometric shapes and cast in a nice clear orange. They put in a separate support for the Flight pack, which helps keep her fairly stable even with all the weight she's packing in such an awkward one leg pose although she will shake abit quiet easily.

Final Score.

Sculpting - 8 - Lovely sculpt...Almost all the little fine details were rendered excellently with only a few flaws here and there to lower the score.

Painting - 7 - Not quite as good as the sculpt, but still fairly excellent with all the little bits of writing on her mecha gear.

Posing - 10 - Perfectly emulates its original illustration to a T. Full of adorable energy shes ready for some serious nursing!

Base - 7 - Has a nice shade of orange, but still a rather simple plastic base. Could use to be a tad bit sturdier too in all honesty.

Packaging - 8 -

Enjoyment - 9 - Really lovely little girl through and through with her flowing hair and all sorts of fun well sculpted doodads!

In the end for all of the flaws in the figure I still can't find myself disliking her in anyway...Maybe its a testament to the strength of Eeji's character design...I'm not sure, but all I can say for certain is I feel she was money well spent and not truely disappointing in the least.

While my other mecha-ish girl I got this month ,Narika , obviously had far more quality by way of being an Alter product I'd still say Nana has her beat hands down when it comes to pure enjoyment.


On the photos this time...Meh well better then my last attempt at a bright shoot. Feeling rather confident about Dark shoots, but defiantly going to need to keep working on these brighter ones...Bonus art again above for those that sit through to the end of these long reviews filled with questionable photography. :p
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Great review, I just got her too and am equally pleased with her (once I managed to put her together, which was a challenge indeed).

The gun indeed is a total nightmare to get on 692718. It may be obvious to say, but in her hair there's a slightly spot which is shaped for the gun to rest upon, however since the head is a bit moveable, you may need to alter it's positioning to get the gap in the hair into a useable place for the gun. The gun should be above and below the red armband part of her arm, as you can see in the pictures by Ashlotte and on the back of the box. It can take a little force to shift it over that armband initially but once there it should be easier to position it right.
10 лет назад
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
I'm glad you like her...As for the gun hmmm I'll take a look at mine and see what I can expand on as far as help I know it can be pretty tricky. ~_^
10 лет назад
I just got her. I reckon she's pretty awesome too. Thanks so much for the tips, they helped a lot :)
But I'm still having so much trouble getting her gun in :(
Do you think you can give me some more tips on that?
10 лет назад
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Mmm she's pretty darn awesome...Very impressive if you put her up high winds spread out. ~_^
11 лет назад
Yet another figure to try and get XD. Nice reveiw Ash. Shall go check out some more of his work then ^^
11 лет назад
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Thanks Cloud. She is extremely lovely in every regard and really does the original art justice. ~_^
11 лет назад
Wow, another review that makes me realize that exist this figure. I Love it! need it also *O*.

Thanks for that great Job Ashlotte.
11 лет назад
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Aye the transfer is pretty bad, but yea I never display them naked anyway so meh... :p
11 лет назад
Bummer about the paint transfer. I never really display stuff in the cast-off mode, but still...

I don't have any Mecha Musume stuff at the moment, but I really want to pick this one up. Its just such a ridiculous concept (a nurse who wears a school swimsuit and also has a mecha backpack) that it actually comes all the way around and ends up being cool.
11 лет назад
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Rofl you and Len think alike eh Zets...Yes she really does have a pair of thermometers sticking out of her pantsu...Their molded directly into them thankfully so no reason to worry about them coming out.

Personally I think its kinda charming...She lacks pockets so she's gotta store her medical equipment somewhere eh? :p
11 лет назад
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