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  • I have ordered twice back-order items, the first one being from AmiAmi. What I had ordered was a Makoto Tachibana pencil case which was my only item that was in back-order, but unfortunately I got the same e-mails as you and the order for the pencil case was cancelled. This was also done in a short period of time, the same as for you. My other order all consisted of back-order items, but this time that order was placed in Hobby Search. They took almost two months to contact me and tell me that they were not able to get one item (the pencil case, which I pretty much gave up by now ;;) . Honestly, I thought Hobby Search had cancelled my order so I was surprised when I heard from them.
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    I placed a back-order for a backpack (cuz mine was torn apart) from homura. I combined that with my monthly order just like usual. But by the end of the month they said they were unable to secure one for me and they were unavaillable. However if I would've paid it seperatly I would've gotten the bag. They already placed one on the sides for me and were just waiting for the rest of the order to come in stock and ship it all together. So what I think that happened was another guy/girl making a backorder and they didn't have any others left thus taking mine instead and telling me they had no left. It did piss me off a bit but I don't really get mad so I decided to check other places for the bag and failed. Eventually I just decided to go with plan B which was my zelda backpack. Not entirely my style but ah well it's just for when i go out to play some games.
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    I've only backordered one item (ITEM #102789) through AmiAmi and I lucked out because she came back in stock a few days later. I've also backordered books before (not through AA) only to be disappointed when they didn't fulfill the order (it's 50/50 depending on production).

    Good luck securing your Hajime.
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    Stalking Loli hunter
    I've had luck sometimes, you could say it's a 50/50.

    Whether I use that or not depends on the case, really :P
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    I back ordered telephone cards before because I've got an obsession with them but AmiAmi was unable to get it for me. I guess it was good in a way because the items would have costed ¥3000 and it's an impulse. I hope you can get your Hajime figure!
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    (You're Hajime image/gif usage is spot on...I'm sorry about your backorder, but this post was so entertaining.)

    I've tried backordering a somewhat hard to find magazine, and that of course fell through. I wanted to give it a shot though because there was that small glimmer of possibility they could get it. I've otherwise backordered clear files and stickers on Amiami and those went through without a hitch.

    I really hope you can find yourself a Hajime!
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    I've only backordered doll clothes and Sylvanian Families toys and have never had an order canceled.
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    From reading the comments, "goods" seem to be more successful than figures. I ordered a couple pencil boards that were back order and I got them in a couple weeks.

    I'm sorry you didn't get your figure though. Try haunting the Amiami preowned section and Mandarake? Hopefully he'll show up somewhere soon!
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    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Well that is a backorder.. Everywhere it is just a gamble, i just try but always think i wont get it and feel extra happy if it does happen :)

    My backorder items were always in stock with amiami or hlj tho hlj takes quite a while depending on the item(s) in question..

    With hobbysearch i have 50/50 experiences.. A lot got cancelled and had to reorder and wait again for a long time (2 weeks) to hear it got cancelled again then try another item (coaster sets and mugs from blazblue they had more of these with different characters)
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    I am hitting the 50/50 mark with them . I back ordered a Dami of Moka Akashiya and they got it for me Yatta .. then I ordered an item that was not even on back order but was available and they cancelled the order on me as they stated that the item was no longer available from Cospa.

    So even thoguh the second item is not back ordered I still consider that a fail especially since it was not written as sold out.

    Will see if I manage to get the item from Cospa at some point.

    = )

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