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After fierce, long and epic battle with evil custom office (250$ -_-), Miku finally arrived YAY :]
This is my 25th Miku.

Ok, so this will be actually review of Miku DD and i will add few words about outfit "Date On The Beach", which is really similar to the "World Is Mine" outfit, that's why i bought it.


Sooooo, here we have how she looks like.
Hairs are little messy right now, since i'm waiting for few items from Volks shop, that will help in styling.
Unfortunately problems with hair will be common for everyone (or almost everyone), but it's easy to stylize them, at first they were in worse condition.

Her face is really pretty.
Her eyes are stunning (I could look at them for hours)


This is how she looks without anything (yes i censored her, sorry i have few weird rules when it comes to Miku :P)
I really like how detailed is her body, since Miku is my first Dollfie it is also first time when i'm seeing Dollfie in person, and i must say that i'm happy with how she looks like, especially her feet, belly and back.


There are two pairs of hands, those are second ones.


Hairs are... well like hairs :P
Like i said earlier, they were little messy at first, from storing in box.
Wig has some protection from stains (second photo).


Shirt - buttons
Skirt - zipper
Boots - zipper
Arm Covers - velcro

The material is soft and pleasant in touch.
If you were afraid of stains from black parts of the clothing, it was unnecesarry. Skirt, boots and arm covers, have additional white material under them, so skin should be safe.
Keyboard on arm covers are made from plastic.
It was weird for me that there were no bra, lol :P


1x Headphones
2x Hairpins
2x clips for arm covers
1x clip for necktie

Everything is made from plastic


Stickers with the number 01.
I have not used them yet. There is a instruction, on how to put them on the shoulder.
She should have it painted on shoulder. But i bet that not everyone wants to have it (For example, I can live without it).


This is instruction that shows you step by step how to put everything together. It is in Japanese.


The box is huge, but it has to be :P.
It has nice design.


And lastly - Outfit that i bought for my Miku.


1x White Dress
1x Black Inner Dress, or it can be separate dress
2x hair clips

I was wondering, how to prevent eventual stains from black inner dress, but like you can see on the third picture, there is additional white material for protection.

Small comparison

White Dress with some black additions
Black Inner Dress
2x hair clips - ribbons
Well, it's almost identical
I'm only missing black socks - soon i will have them.

Here is how she looks in it


Kawaii :3




Miku came together with new tape for skin protection.
It seems that, if you leave it for too long on the skin, it can do some serious damage, so better watch out with this.

Details here


Thoughts at the end

Was she worth the price, and year of waiting ?
Definitely. When i can look at her right now, i think that price was not that high for such beauty, sure most people will say that you're crazy but who cares.
For example

My little sister have the same opinion as me.
My colleague that has few figures and wants doll of Asuna said, that she was worth it but he's not sure if he will be able to spend so much money.
My other colleague said, that this Miku is the best in my whole collection but her price was too high.
And of course i heard from people who are not into figures and dolls, that i'm insane.

If you like Miku, Dollfie would be great addition to your collection.
I had to have her since i have unhealthy obsession with Miku :P
Right now this is the essence of the Shrine of Miku.

I don't know if i will have another Dollfie, maybe if they made Luka, IA, Lily Mayu or Rin.

Beautiful Face
Pretty Hypnotizing Eyes
Detailed Body
Outfit and Accessories
Artwork on the Box

The need to correct hair
Lack of stand

If you're annoyed that score is 10/10
I deleted score for stand cuz there is none, so you can consider it as 0/10 :P

Thank You For Reading.
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Kawaii Level


I like looking at DD pictures, amazing work some fellow members here put into making those DD look so life like. But, I still think their price range is too high for me, if you're getting one, I'll think you're making a life investment.
And I think no other Miku can top this one... ever.

No stand ? for this price ? It made me remember this similarity when my parents bought a new car; see how expensive a car is ? and you will still have to purchase the beautiful car cover that you saw on the brochure. They aren't going to give you one for free because "if you can pay for the high priced product, you can necessarily pay for the accessories that goes with it too."

Anything aside, Congrats on getting her !!!
5 лет назад
Dollfie doesn't come with stand, you will need to purchase a separate one. Other than that, you can always make her stand/sit on something. Congrats on your first DD :) though it won't be the last
5 лет назад
Awesomealexis5 лет назад#2434124Still waiting for my payment email for Miku - since I ordered on October 6 last year
just curious to know more about the volks products you have on the way for hair styling. Did you buy them from the volks international store? or is there somewhere else online to find these?

I bought
Dollfie Wig Oil Spray
Dollfie Wig Mist
Water wax for dollfie

From Volks International Shop.
I think that i saw these items on other shops with dolls, but right now i'm not 100% sure cuz it was few months ago :P
5 лет назад
Still waiting for my payment email for Miku - since I ordered on October 6 last year

just curious to know more about the volks products you have on the way for hair styling. Did you buy them from the volks international store? or is there somewhere else online to find these?
5 лет назад
kirchu5 лет назад#2433609It looks like Miku woke out of bed with that hair. XD Wait, I'm confused about your customs thing. You paid $250 to customs?!

Yes this is how much i paid.
I thought that it will be 190$, but it was 250$ (ridiculous) :P

I wanted to make a picture suggesting that she just woken up, but i didn't (i forgot lol) :)
5 лет назад
It looks like Miku woke out of bed with that hair. XD Wait, I'm confused about your customs thing. You paid $250 to customs?!
5 лет назад
Miku looks so pretty!
5 лет назад
You defeated customs. CONGRATS ^>^
5 лет назад
Wowza, Miku is absolutely adorable, I love her eyes \o/

I don't own any DD's at the moment but looking at this I'm starting to wonder whether I should purchase one..... XD
5 лет назад
Sturmhornisse5 лет назад#2433484You can actually take off her head and arms. After that you could pull off her bust and take some pics but I understand if you think that is to much work. I would probably also take off the head of my girls if I would take body photos ;)
Kind of funny as I don't have problems with resin BJD just with Dollfie Dream.
But well I am already so much used to doll nudity that I already shocked other people with LOOOOL
Believe me, she will probably not stay alone :D

I'll think about those additional photos, tomorrow :)

Yeah i think so too that sooner or later she will have sister :)

NewfieAnimeNut5 лет назад#2433477Ahh~ she is so beautiful <3 I want her so badly but.. sadly i cannot afford her.. ;_; great review <3 Congrats on your 25th Miku ^^

Thank You :)
If you will have a chance to get her, do not hesitate. I can assure you that you won't regret it :3.
5 лет назад
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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