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In May and June I got so many package, I was able to sell so many things which I don't want anymore so I bought new stuff^^

I bought so many Hunter x hunter figure. I began to watch the anime a months ago and I watched the whole serie with all ova only 20 days! I'm totally fanatic > <

Early May
These packages arrived early May. The Kurapika and Yuri figure opened my mother from the package ^^


I bought the Kurapika figure and the Araragi figma from Amiami pre owned section. Both item was brand new. I want Araragi long time ago so I'm happy I finally got him. Except the magazine I got all item from Amiami.


I love these little cuties *.* Now I have all Kuroko one coin figure.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/07/03/1036563.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/07/03/1036564.jpeg

One day I want to buy the Alter Yuri figure but as long as I bought this ichiban kuji and I love. He is very big and beautiful. I won a yahoo auction with a very good price.


I love Araragi's this face. > <


End of May

Got 4 package from Amiami again.

The Ace of diamond long posters is one of my group orders.

I was very surprised when I saw the Hunter figma's rerelease happenning now, so I instantly pre-ordered Killua and Gon. (Kurapika arrived in April, I bought him from amiami pre owned section.)


And I continue the Branpesto dx line and bought from YJ Killua and Chrollo. I think this is the best Killua figure, I love his pose and his face and everything. Chrollo is a funny figure, remembering me a pigeon but I like his character so much. *.*


And bought these beautiful utapri pencil boards and this storage box.


http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/07/03/1036574.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/07/03/1036575.jpeg

The Kuroko swing and Diabolik charms come frome mochaholic's group order. And the Haikyuu mini figures from Toysanta.


I ordered from candysan, this was my first order from them. I bought these candys


Early June


Hunter figures again ^^ I bought them from YJ again, and the haikyuu bag too because I missed from amiami so I ordered from surugaya. And came my Eren figma and magazines.


End of July


And more hunter figures xd All bought from YJ again, the two ichiban kuji and the six chibi kyun chara I won together in one auction only 1711 yen, I paid for everything shipping and proxy include 3722 yen, I think is a very great price for these items. They come without boxes, I little bit afraid for they damage but finally was no problem.
Hideyoshi bought from amiami pre owned section, this package was the longest unreg sal package until today, it arrived within 38 days. My unreg sal packages usually came 10-21 days so I thought this is lost, but no, finally got it :)
The Kuroko deformed sitting figures come from toysanta.
And the two maria holic figures from amiami pre owned section.


This Hisoka figure is awesome *.*


I don't know this Eikoh company but I love these figures. Bigger than I thought and nice.
I have just a few girl figure but I can't skip she. This figure is funny :D


And Mariya... So yes this figure is cool :D


Some merchandise and magazines.


And my second candysan order.


I got these metallic box, these include the candys. No Levi :( I'm not so happy with these characters.

And this candy is so delicious, and want more more and more.

Thanks for reading, sorry if was too long ^^
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Thanks to everyone :)

Vaiyoretto6 лет назад#2230729Oooh! I want the Puccho!
Did you get a mini figure?

Yes, I get Jean and Erwin.

ZoroZoldyck6 лет назад#2231179OMG HXH!! <33 I love those and I'm planning on getting the Killua figma as well! Oh and I recommend ITEM #123016 too he's amazing! I love everything about him
Also you said OVAs?? You're not watching the 2011 version? Watch the madhouse one man it's awesome and is still ongoing!

All show and ova's, so I saw the 2011 version and the 1999 version too :)
6 лет назад
Nice loot~!
I really love those Hunter x Hunter figmas xD I want the Kurapika and Killua ones as well.
Nice KnB stuff too! :D
6 лет назад
Awesome loot! After seeing this the other day, I decided to watch hunter X hunter, started last night and no regrets! I've reached ep 20 so far! I hope it doesn't affect my performance in school! XP
6 лет назад
Awesome loot! I love HunterxHunter, maybe i should get me some figures from the series too!
6 лет назад
very nice loot
6 лет назад
Great loot! Especially all of those Hunter x Hunter figures!
6 лет назад
OMG HXH!! <33 I love those and I'm planning on getting the Killua figma as well! Oh and I recommend ITEM #123016 too he's amazing! I love everything about him

Also you said OVAs?? You're not watching the 2011 version? Watch the madhouse one man it's awesome and is still ongoing!
6 лет назад
Wow, that was an amazing haul~ <3 So many bishies~~ And all the candy seems delicious *-*
6 лет назад
lovely loot bishies are wonderful
6 лет назад
Oooh! I want the Puccho!
Did you get a mini figure?
6 лет назад
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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