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I've never done a haul blog before, but I wanted to kill two birds with one stone as I'll also be announcing my 2nd anniversary give away! Yay!
Anyways, let's get on with the pictures, because that's pretty much what everyone wants to see in blogs! First, I got the Rei Suri Suri Long Pillow Case! I have everyone, but Rin...because he's oh-so-popular and sold out. I will find him, though! I also got some Free! postcards, a tin case, and a deka Levi-heichou keychain - they're not lying when they say these dekas are hugeeeee! This one's almost as big as my palm! Btw, who's excited for the 2nd season of Free! ?! This means a deluge of more Free! products and my wallet crying!

Next up is Rilakkuma Re-ment! There's not much to say, but I love miniature stuff. I want to make a cafe diorama to use for photography. For those who were wondering why the shipping for the display case is expensive...it's because it is pretty heavy. I have no idea why...unless the glass part is made of some heavy acrylic :/

I also got Koto's KuroBas One Coin Minis. Is this the 2nd or 3rd variant release? I don't even know anymore and frankly, I don't give a fudge. They're hella cute! I adore the uniform versions! And Hanamiya and his caterpillar eyebrows! Can't resist that, haha!

Umm...here's an impulse buy because they are cute. I will be selling this set though, because I really have no more space for anything. My room looks like a hoarder's paradise - I can barely even walk around it anymore. Somebody, help meeee! I need an intervention...

I told myself I would limit my Nendo buying...but GSC won't stop spawning these evil, kawaii, figures. I've been wanting to get Tachikoma for awhile. I adore the yellow one! Now, I just need to get the blue as well. These mechs entertained me because they gossiped like pregnant women, haha! I'm not really a fan of Miku, but the variants just keep coming! I convince myself that they're not really Miku anymore because they look so different from the original, especially the more recent Snow Mikus. I've been wanting this particular Miku for a long time, I just never got the chance to get her. Her face expressions just look so troll...I LOVE IT! I got the Amazon exclusive version, woot! Last is Yoshino! Let me tell you...she's just way too adorable. She's up there with Shimakaze and Erio in the kawaii scale. If you haven't gotten her, do so...how can you resist those teary eyes?!

My favorite in this haul, Kamael! Never played the game, but it's Max Factory so YOLO! She is fricking gorgeous! The detail is just amazing. I have no words. MF never disappoints me...besides the dreadful flat disk base. Just like with Asuka and Mari, we get these boring, lackluster bases. WHYYYYY?!?!? I'm scared of the leaning possibility that I've been hearing about Asuka. They poured all the epic effort for detail on the figure so they probably figured they can get away with the plain Jane bases. NOT COOL, MF.

Finally, the giveaway! This is probably the only reason why you read my blog, but that's alright! Time flies when I'm throwing my money on the screen for preordering, yea? I look over and see that I've been a member of this awesome community for two years! YAY! Anyways, as a way to thank you guys, I'm doing a small give away. All you need to do is drop a nice comment or two or just say hi! Only one comment per user, please! I will be using a random number generator to determine the lucky winner. This will be open until next Friday...the 13th. Hmm...if that isn't ominous at all. I will contact the winner via PM. This give away is open worldwide - no need to worry about shipping! I got you! Sooooo, you get everything on the image below, woot!

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This contest is done, and a winner has been drawn. Thanks for participating :D
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silentxangel6 лет назад#2188206Sweet vindication! You get me, you totally get me! It's like no one gives a fudge about Rei being a BAMF at the ending...smh. Anyways, I'm so wowed by the number of guy figures you have! The awesome thing about it is you've played games that I did like Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, and Star Ocean! Also, anyone who has a Kagerou figure is good in my books! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?! Haha! Epic collection you have there! I'm still holding on to the hope that a decent Sephiroth scale will be made. Too bad Square Enix has a lock on the license...
Haha, thanks, I'm glad that to meet more people who feel the same about Rei. That ending just had too many feels for me... ;_; I thought Rei was incredibly cute (and hilarious) before that but he really wowed me then. Hell of a man. I can't wait until Alter releases a prototype someday. <3

Thank you so much! X3 I'm a huge gaming nut so I try to collect from series I love. Most of my collection is gashapon/prize figures so I'm working on getting more scaled stuff. I love your collection as well - so much Prince of Tennis, Bakemonogatari, Seven Deadly Sins, Yu Yu Hakusho and more! O^O *head explodes from the greatness* I'm hoping a decent Sephiroth scale gets made someday too. Or even some Drakengard 3 figures (the designs are sooo pretty) though I'm not holding my breath. Square can be kind of hit & miss in the merch department sadly. ^^;;
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Awesome awesome haul!!


I really love the rillakuma rement set! So cute, but they can kind of be expensive ._.

I will have to pick some up myself though.

And I can't forget you got Kamael (or that lineage figure). Truly, I wish I could afford all MF creations! They are so cool and usually epic!

Anyways, super super awesome awesome haul once again!!
6 лет назад
Congrats on two years. ^_^
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Maakie6 лет назад#2188984Did they just tape an Amazon mini-box to the Miku box or is that the design of the box? xD
And I guess I will say "hi" here to enter the giveaway! xD

Haha! They just taped the box :D
Good luck!
6 лет назад
Did they just tape an Amazon mini-box to the Miku box or is that the design of the box? xD

And I guess I will say "hi" here to enter the giveaway! xD
6 лет назад
ANIMEKRAZY1016 лет назад#2188899OMG Was not expecting the Hiddles gif at the end! XD
Hmm. I might be interested in the Sengoku Basara one coin set when you sell it or individual ones if you plan on selling them individually =]
And I think we all need an intervention XD It's so hard to stop buying.

Another Hiddles fan? Oh yeaaaaaa!!! We know what's up ;)
6 лет назад
OMG Was not expecting the Hiddles gif at the end! XD
Hmm. I might be interested in the Sengoku Basara one coin set when you sell it or individual ones if you plan on selling them individually =]
And I think we all need an intervention XD It's so hard to stop buying.
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Kazamir Savage Elitist Scum
Gah! You got Kamael, she is so gorgeous. I hope mine comes in soon!!!!
6 лет назад
Rement is just the best. I have a few of those cases and they're just awesome, ahah. I love the little chair set a lot tho
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