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Thought I'd give everyone a glimpse into my room as it is today, a little over a year into figure-collecting. Hope you all enjoy this photo set!


animatt's otaku headquarters.

I love catgirls! Here we have the girls from Mayoi Neko Overrun!.

Danbo, Mirai, and their love child. You can read much more about Mirai Suenaga on this Danny Choo post.

Yukata Miku (my favorite Miku of all), a few pretty deck boxes, and a John Hathway clear file. The clear file was a freebie from my last Tokyo Otaku Mode order.

My collection wouldn't be complete without a kuroneko mini-shrine.

Many of you have come to know me as a passionate artbook fan. You can view a list of all the artbooks I own here.

Simple, clean look in this part of the room. The chest came from IKEA and is a HEMNES model.

The picture at the top was drawn by an acquaintance that I had framed later on.

The Alter Hyakka girls are some of the best-looking figures you will ever set eyes on. And this fantastic ukiyo-e style print in the background is by Jed Henry as part of his ongoing Ukiyo-e Heroes artwork series.

The Clannad Series is my favorite anime ever, and Botan goods like these have been very hard to come by. I definitely want "moar boar"!

One of my favorite items in my collection is this lovely Xiao-Mei wall scroll, which can still be bought here via proxy! Also photographed are a few clear posters originating from Henneko and Shining Hearts, respectively.

This started out as a Xiao-Mei shrine, then became a Xiao-Mei/Tony Taka girls shrine, and now it's a Xiao-Mei/Tony Taka/Catgirls shrine...but as you can tell from my profile page, Xiao-Mei is my main squeeze!

This Koto Lorna is in my top 3 favorite figures. Her sculpt and character design is flawless.

Complementing Koto Lorna perfectly, right next to her we have Koto Xiao. Doesn't she makes eating taiyaki look sooo scrumptious?! @_@

Max Factory Xiao, along with a few of my other favorite catgirls: Nanako and Nekomiya Nono. Now...if only I could manage to snag their respective white versions, too (ITEM #28288 and ITEM #3053).

Velvet and Yamato Xiao go wonderfully next to each other, thanks to their nearly identical chests - ahem, TREASURE chests that is ;)

Nanako and her trusty red backpack. Or is it a bookbag? Or a knapsack...

Nekomiya's cute pose.

Max Factory Xiao in the trademark catgirl pose. Nyan!

If you've never played Oboromuramasa, it's a fantastic game, and Alter's figure of Momohime (one of the main characters of the game) is certainly one of the best figures of all time. Her colors are brilliant, and sculpt is stunning. Keeping a watchful eye behind Momo is Tsukiko-chan.

Tsukiko scale in back and Nendo up front.

A small Shining Hearts banner above my iMac...with some added stickers to give it extra zing!

Here some artistic deck boxes/cases are towering above Takamura Yui, easily another top 3 figure for me. This Yukata Miku happens to be my favorite rubber strap...her colors are awesome! Now, whose booty is that on the left side? Hmm...we'll find out soon.

Closer detail of these attractive deck cases/boxes. The top box features a design by Kantoku, while the larger boxes below have designs by artists featured in last year's Eshi 100 exhibit.

Kotegawa, complete with her wagasa and (I think) yukata??

So much booty in this Touwa Erio figure!

Smaller deck cases featuring artwork by my favorite eshi/illustrator Coffee Kizoku on the left, and Kantoku on the right

...and inside the Coffee Kizoku deck case is my collection of a nearly complete Xiao-Mei Victory Spark collection. Just TWO MORE cards, I'm so close!!!

This FuRyu Sonico figure was under $20, making it a steal of a deal because it's really nice!

So what's on my desktop...it's a gorgeous screenshot from the visual novel, Kono Oozora ni: vndb.org/v9093 ^_^

I just recently got this clear cover for my computer desk so that I could place some of my favorite clear files and clear posters underneath it. Definitely adds something extra to my workspace!

Close-up of the clear cover. It's from Container Store and can be purchased here in a variety of sizes. The particular size I have is 18" x 36" and while this product is marketed as a "shelf liner", it can most definitely serve as a desk mat!


Thanks to everyone for reading my latest article! You can click here for more of my (hopefully entertaining) blog entries ^_^

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I reeeeally love the idea of using a clear shelf liner as a deskmat and putting pictures underneath of it. I'm definitely going to have to consider doing that. :D
7 лет назад
Ailish7 лет назад#2068213nice room!
Thank you! It's a fairly small but focused collection of my favorite characters/illustrators ^_^
7 лет назад
nice room!
7 лет назад
Risayla7 лет назад#2054973Lovely room, everything seems thoughtfully displayed. ^^
I've never known how pretty deck boxes are either! (They look so colourful) :o

Yes, the first time I started coming across deck boxes/cases, I knew they'd be great to display around the room ^_^
7 лет назад
RubyChan957 лет назад#2055140OMG! I love your room!!!! ♥♥♥♥ How long did it take to have your room like this? ^^

Thank you!!!

It took around 18 months of amassing all the items, and took me about a week to fully unbox and set up everything how I wanted it ^_^

Going forward, I'll probably only ever add another 5 figures to my collection, and then will focus my efforts on continuing to collect artbooks and Shining Series/Xiao-Mei goods.
7 лет назад
OMG! I love your room!!!! ♥♥♥♥ How long did it take to have your room like this? ^^

7 лет назад
Risayla ◔‸◔
Lovely room, everything seems thoughtfully displayed. ^^
I've never known how pretty deck boxes are either! (They look so colourful) :o I recently got that clear file from Tokyo Otaku Mode too, I didn't know they threw in freebies so it was a nice surprise. ^^
7 лет назад
Nice setup! It's so neat OuO
7 лет назад
Great space :D I am envious~
7 лет назад
jen_tsukase7 лет назад#2050619And this deck case is very beautiful.. :3 ITEM #171782
Yes, this is my favorite deck case by far. The colors and design are magnificent!

molligesghost7 лет назад#2050456Wonderful room! I love your catgirl area~
Thank you!
7 лет назад