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Saber Alter in Wales


A couple of Weeks ago I went on holiday to Wales, which provided some awesome views and places to see. I took Saber Alter along for the ride because I thought there might be some nice photo opportunities, and here are some photos from the journey. Click on any of them if you want to see them larger.

The first place I visited was Chirk Castle. This castle was built by King Edward I in 1295.




Next up was Vale Crucis Abbey, built in 1201.


"Let's go over there."




This is Swallow Falls, a waterfall near Betws-y-Coed.





This is the view overlooking Snowdon, the tallest mountain in England and Wales.




I went to the Summit of Snowdon; this is the view from the top. I had to leave Saber behind, it's a long way to the top. Local legend says that the Knights of the Round are buried under the mountain, and that from the summit you can see Camlann where Arthur died and the lake which Excalibur was thrown into.





The last place I went with Saber was Powis Castle, built in around 1266.





That concludes the pictures with Saber! I visited plenty of other places, but these are the ones I took Saber to. Here are a couple more photos:

This is a small castle on top of a hill. I have no information about it, it's one I saw while driving along.


This is Harlech Castle. dating from 1283:


I climbed to the top of the castle. This was the view. You can see the Welsh flag flying.


Finally, here's a random picture of Saber taken back at my house:


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Superb. Noted down so many things to visit in the future. These pictures with DD Saber Alter look better to me than the ones with the nederoid/ ichiban kuji. Feels like I really am looking at the middle-ages. Could you perhaps do the place where Hogwarts was recorded in Harry Potter next?!
Also, who needs a travel-guide when you have Strife =P
7 лет назад
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
I think there's something special about visiting old sites like those castles. Like it's possible to feel all the time and history they have behind them. Sounds like you had an interesting trip.

Really nice pics of Saber, too. ^_^
7 лет назад
Klon Solo Rei basta!
The shots are excellent!
8 лет назад
Great shots
8 лет назад
Strife212 Original Blue
Celtic7GuardianMan, what an interesting trip. You're so fortunate to have experienced it.

It was interesting for sure!

Higariwow! Wales is spectacular! ...way better than "NEW south wales" ;D

Thanks! I dunno, NSW looks pretty nice!

RaithosI am in love with your imagery.
Beautiful shots.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked them.

IlviasWhat a wonderful trip! I want to visit all UK lands one day... I really like your country >< Saber Is beautiful in every picture! Looks like she had fun!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the photos :)

There are definately some nice places to visit here!
8 лет назад
Ilvias adorable little doll
What a wonderful trip! I want to visit all UK lands one day... I really like your country >< Saber Is beautiful in every picture! Looks like she had fun!
8 лет назад
Raithos Stagnant
I am in love with your imagery.
Beautiful shots.
8 лет назад
wow! Wales is spectacular! ...way better than "NEW south wales" ;D
8 лет назад
Man, what an interesting trip. You're so fortunate to have experienced it.
8 лет назад
Strife212 Original Blue
Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, it was certainly an interesting trip with the great scenery and the historical places. A lot of mountains and hills as well, the terrain is so flat where I live ;_;

I've added a few more pics at the bottom and one more of Saber.
8 лет назад
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