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Today we'll be taking a look at another one of native's lovely ladies from their Creator's Collection. I checked native's site but didn't see a name for the figure just a title which I guess is what I'll use to refer to her by, Cat Lap Milk. The figure was based off of an illustration by Misaki Kurehito. Misaki has a number of manga under his belt and is one of the character designers for the anime Arata naru Sekai: Mirai-hen. It also looks like he has an eroge game as well. I tried to learn more about him and his art-style but the translations about him leaves much to be desired, take for instance some mention of his unique style with the joints on his characters? I couldn't really understand what they were talking about when I looked as his illustrations? The only thing I really noticed from his artwork is the distinct eyes on his creations.

Like any other native figure she was only available from their web store or through a proxy. She was made to order and the order period is now over. She retailed for around 9,000 Yen but if you had to go through a proxy you're probably looking at around 15,000 Yen total including shipping as that's what she ended up costing me. She was released in September of 2013 and is probably only available on the secondary market unless you get lucky with the various stores that do stock a few of these types of figures but usually at a premium price like the proxies.

The goal today is to see how faithful they stayed with Misaki's illustration as well as what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains NSFW images, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
As usual native went with a design that doesn't allow the figure to be viewed while still in the box. This is appreciated as it does help protect the contents from prying eyes. The design used on the packaging definitely supports the theme of the figure perfectly. The simple artwork of the spilled milk conveys the message perfectly. Love it, plain and simple.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 1.16 Kilogram
H: 212 mm
W: 213 mm
D: 141 mm

A medium-weight cardboard was used for the packaging which makes for a very sturdy construction especially with the multiple layers used. Basically, protection is excellent and some efforts would have to be made to damage the figure within. Size is also reasonable but this all does come at a price. The excellent protection came at the expense of weight. Even empty the figure box is quite heavy. Shipping weight for for me was 1.5 Kilogram and EMS shipping was around 4,000 Yen. All in all I'd say shipping cost was reasonable concerning the shipping weight.

Just like the figure box, the blister used is pretty sturdy as well. The multiple pieces interlock adding to the additional strength of the overall packaging. Tape was used to further secure the pieces. The tolerances on the pockets were sufficient and there shouldn't be much risk of items shifting about.

As you can see plastic sheets were used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. In addition it also protected the figure from scratches from her sharp and hard panties. If you can't tell she will have to be cast off to remove all the plastic so you don't really have an option of leaving her clothes on. You could try but you do put her at risk of damage.

As usual, detailed instructions are included on the care of the figure. The only "issue" is they don't go into detail on how to remove and install the panties. They usually cover these type of things but they didn't for this figure. I think it was due to the difficulty and the extensive directions required. Even then you can't guarantee something won't be damaged. I considered going over the way I remove and install the panties but decided against it since I can't guarantee the same either. Also as usual native included the illustration the figure was based on which is definitely appreciated as it is not done enough by other manufacturers.

native as usual did a nice job on the figure box. The simple design conveys the theme of figure perfectly. Protection is excellent and should definitely get to you safely. The only possible issue is shipping cost due to the shipping weight but since the size is compact it might balance out. In any case expectations were definitely met once again.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Katsuaki Nemoto who appears to be recent on the scene with only a few figures. I don't have other figures by Katsuaki to show so here's a bunch of cat girls!

Below you can see all of the parts that make her up including the alternate unsquished breasts. It looks like a lot but really they broke her down to the essential parts to minimize the seam lines you usually encounter with figures like this. The various parts seem to fit well and any possible gaps/seams were hidden. Note the kitty tail is magnetized and is actually pretty strong and the tail shouldn't go anywhere unless intended.

Note the sockets and pegs for the torso/midsection are not uniform to ensure you do not fit the pieces incorrectly. They only fit one way which should help especially if you don't want to look a the instructions. If you note, two panties are included. I touched on this already but I believe the reason for this is because the panties are fragile. The installation and removal of the panties puts both the panties and figure at risk. The panties are very rigid and sharp meaning you could scratch up the figure and/or break the panties. There really is no 100% safe way to do this as one way or another the panties will have to be bent. However it's not all that bad. Look at the details in the panties, little is left to the imagination with the details put into those panties.

Enough delays, let's move on to the main attraction.





She looks good, right? Well the pictures do not do her justice and hopefully you can see there were no sculpting issues to report. Look at the excellent job they did recreating the illustration in regards to the sculpt. Let's first start with her lovely face.

From all angles her face looks great. The features for the most part match up nicely with the illustration. However her tongue does seem to be bigger/thicker than the illustration which is further exaggerated by her thin lips and of course sticking out further. Even though different I do like the detailing from her tongue to those teeth of hers. The dynamics of the figure changed somewhat due to that tongue of hers but I'm OK with the change. However I don't believe it's a sculpting limitation concerning the difference as I've seen plenty of figures with similar tongues like the illustration before so I'm not really sure on the change except possibly to emphasize her lapping up the spilled milk like a good kitty cat. Note the transition from her jawline to neck seems natural as the seam line is hidden by her collar.

Note the details put into her hair. The typical seam line at the top of her head is hidden by her maid head dress and kitty ears. The various loose strands are flexible enough that they should resist damage but I still wouldn't test their limits to be safe. I love the feel of her hair as the tactile details are just as rich. She looks great from various angles and of course the hair matches up fairly nicely with the illustration.

For the most part the fit and finish was top notch but one area of concern which may vary between figures is her arms. If you note where they are attached you do have a slight gap. With some effort you can close it to where it isn't noticeable. I believe this area could have used more refinement, basically they could have used those fluffy armbands to cover it by extending them further to cover the transition. As mentioned results may vary between figures. Mine were OK but since she is mass produced the tolerances on the fit of the arms could vary enough that the gap could be more pronounced on some.

You of course have two choices concerning her breasts. You can either go with the squished ones just like the illustration or normal ones giving you more flexibility on how to display her. I thought they did a decent job with either one.

It was easier for me to shoot up close on the normal ones so we'll take a closer look at those. Note the execution on the cleavage from various vantage points. For the most part they look good but some more refinement would have definitely made them even better. Also, her underboobs have no ugly scars that you might see with some figures.

Taking a even closer look, note the shape of her breasts. Since she is leaning over you don't really have the typical tear drop shape since they're hanging down. However, they still look nice from various profiles but I really love the job they did on those perky nipples. The detailing was pretty good compared to other figures in the same genre as well as some other native girls. Also, I really love how that tight corset/vest of hers really emphasizes her curves and her pendulous breasts.

Moving on to her skirt, you can see it's fairly detailed. Note the various layers used and how the material looks like it's really wrinkled and ruffled adding to the overall detail and presentation. My only concern is the possibility of paint transfer from the black surface but with the various swapping of parts I haven't run into it yet but care should be taken. Due to the way the skirt is hiked up it does limit how you can display her if you do have the skirt installed. Aside from that it looks great from various angles.

Taking off that skirt you're treated to that flat tummy of hers and those wide hips that transition to curvy thighs and a juicy rear end. Note how the panties wrap around her as well as imagine the contortion you have to put the panties through to remove them. Even though I am concerned about how fragile the panties are I'm glad they are one piece. When they implemented similar panties on OrchidSeed's Sonico figure, they used a striped panties composed of two pieces. You were given the entire panties but in two parts. The compromise they used here was definitely "better" as the alternative was a pain in the butt to install and just didn't fit right. With this clamp design you were basically guaranteed a good fit while still keeping the aesthetics within reason. Note how it looks like the thinnest parts of her panties were digging into her hips/thighs so they wouldn't have to be visible. I thought that was a good compromise as it definitely made her look more curvy and sexy.

As mentioned previously the panties are definitely detailed and leave little to the imagination. You can basically see her naughty bits even with the panties on. I love how it looks like they're really digging into her flesh and showing her tender outlines, so sexy and hot.

And of course without the panties you can admire her figure even more. Look at the lovely curves and that lean physique of hers. I can't get enough of it with or without the tail!

And of course you can see she is anatomically correct. This kitty is definitely a girl.

Speaking of curves and lines, I just love the job they did on her legs. The transition from her full hips to those curvy thighs to those stockings just make me want to die. I just can't get enough of those body lines. The transition from her thighs to the stocking was seamless and natural looking.

And I don't know about you but I loved those shoes of hers especially the lacing. The detailing was definitely adequate but more importantly it just gives me the tingles. The black lacing on those white stockings and those heels just looks so sexy.

Katsuaki Nemoto and native did a great job with her in regard to the sculpt. What can I say? From head to toe this sultry vixen is just purrfect. She is nicely detailed and pretty accurate to the illustration in regards to the sculpt excluding the deviation I mentioned. Katsuaki may be rather new but I am definitely looking forward to future offerings from this artist and hopefully in conjunction with native. Expectations were definitely met once again.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
native usually uses all the tools available to color their figures and are usually faithful to the illustrations their figures are based on. This figure isn't any different. I mean just look at the comparison, they were pretty spot on in bringing the illustration to life.

Taking a closer look you can see she actually has a blush! Too many times the illustration has a blush and the figure based off of it is missing it. Not in this case and native has been guilty in the recent past on the bait and switch but not in this case. I love her complexion and the job they did on her flesh. Look at the accents and shadings used to bring life to her flesh as well as enhance those killer curves of hers. Look at that big eye of hers and those glossy lips and tongue. Look at the graduation used in her hair and the crisp black on her outfit. And of course the details put into her striped panties. Look at the lovely job they did with her nipples and her naughty bits. All I see is attention to detail. I don't think they missed anything from the illustration, they captured it purrfectly. There are some concerns about paint transfer from the black pieces but so far I haven't encountered it with the numerous swaps I've gone through. The only real issue is the panties scratching up her finish.

Not much else needs to be said. You can see with your own eyes. They did a near purrfect job as far as I'm concerned. She looks great but again the pictures do not do her justice as she looks even better in real life. She's purrfect! Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Katsuaki Nemoto did a pretty decent job recreating the illustration. The attention to detail could not be missed and was definitely appreciated. My only "concern" was the deviation on her tongue. As mentioned before if you look in the illustration her tongue isn't as pronounced or sticking out as far. I've seen other figures with similar tongues/mouths like the illustration so I really don't think it was a limitation on native's part but a decision from the sculptor and perhaps them deviating to add their own spin on her. I say this because I have plenty of other native girls where they deviated slightly but noticeably from the illustration as well. Or I guess I could be wrong? Either case it does seem to fit the theme of the figure better as it looks like she's really going to lap up that milk. The illustration seems more like she just fell and spilled the milk and was caught in mid gasp. So the dynamics of the figure definitely changes based on that tongue...

Below you can see some of the display options available to her. There are more but you get the idea of the possibilities. She actually looks pretty good at any height, so you have some flexibility on where to place her.

As for displaying her with other figures... that tongue does come in handy...

Say "Ah!"

And of course her pose does allow for her to umm inspect other characters...

And as you can see that protruding tongue can be put to good use...

I bet that tickles...

Wrapped or unwrapped?

She's just a hungry kitty that wants some milk! Can you blame her if she wants to drink from the source?

Bottom line, Katsuaki Nemoto and native did a great job bringing the illustration to life. Whether the deviation was intended or not you can definitely take advantage of it with other figures as shown before. In any case expectations were definitely met. An excellent job all around.

Base: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡
My thought on bases is that a good base will always make a good figure even better especially if the base supports the theme of the figure. It goes double if the base is actually an accessory of the figure. This would be that case. I guess this would be another deviation from the illustration. If you look at the illustration the floor she is on is just shiny/reflective. However the base presents a tiled floor instead. This actually is better for the figure as it actually makes the spilled milk stand out better. I really think the milk would be too washed out without those solid black lines. Plus it looks like they used it to disguise the removable portion if you decided to use her regular breasts. The base is elevated by metal rods that fit very tightly. Once you install them, you can basically forget about removing them at least for mine. As you can see it's also pretty big so your display options may be limited but it definitely part of the figure. The reflective surface is just like the illustration.

As mentioned they put the extra effort to allow you to display her with the normal breasts if desired by putting in that removable piece. It looks like that is probably meant to be used when you display her at eye level or higher especially if you can't get a clear view of her squished breasts pressed against the transparent floor.

All I can say is I definitely liked their approach and execution. That base definitely became a part of the figure and she just wouldn't be the same without it if you wanted to recreate the illustration even if they did deviate with the tiles. Expectations were met.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
The enjoyment of a figure is subjective. For the purposes of this review enjoyment will mean whether I think the figure was worth the cost of acquiring. Looking at how well they captured the illustration even with the deviations. The attention to detail in both sculpting and coloring of the figure. As well as considering that when all was said and done she ended up costing me around 14,000 or 15,000 Yen with shipping included, I'd say I do not regret getting her. If I had to do it again, I would get her without a second thought. This is even with my switching my attention from scaled figures to Dollfies. She's definitely a keeper and I must say she seems faithful to Misaki Kurehito's illustration. She's just purrfect.

See you later.
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This review gave me a lot of naughty thoughts and that never happen before...

I must have her.
6 лет назад
.......>///< I want this figure lol Holy its so freaking sexy awesome review good job.
6 лет назад
As always, your figure photo-reviews are unparalleled in their excellence, sir!

This is a fascinating figure, and extremely provocative.

A bit too risqué for my own collection, but I certainly appreciate it's allure ^_^
6 лет назад
Why haven't I opened mine yet ??? ... ... ... I really don't know ! xD
Great review !
6 лет назад
I keep her upright, as in leaning to the base, with one square removed to make room for breasts. It looks sorta like she's leaning into the glass and is licking it.
6 лет назад
I covet this figure but she's just far too out of my price range. These pictures just make me want her even more.
6 лет назад
Aside from the nice detailed review, I really love the photos of her interacting with other figures!
6 лет назад
I had preordered her and kept her boxed until I bought my display cabinet. I REALLY love her! I winded up unboxing her a few days ago and I can't get tired of her. She's SO great, one of my favorite figures, easily. She's the first ero figure I got.
6 лет назад
10 out of 10 for the most picture packed review I have ever seen. Unfortunately for me there is a certain line I have to draw with this hobby only if not to upset my wife. I get away with a lot of Lewd ish figurine but this blatant I could not. That is why I appreciate such a good photo Diorama.

= )

6 лет назад
Nice and very detailed review. She sure is a beauty, I'm glad I ordered two of them back then haha.
6 лет назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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