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Ikezawa Kazuma and King Kazma  - Summer WarsIkezawa Kazuma and King Kazma - Summer Wars

simakaisimakai7 лет назадReview
Seems I'm on a row for nice guys, I'll be doing Kazuma and his avatar King Kazma from Summer Wars. I really loved the movie, and I think that something around 6000 yens for two figures including this cute guy from Altair is something I just can't miss.




I really like this package. The colors remind me of OZ, the virtual world the movie's all about, with this white, pink and blue colors. There are also texts on the windows, with the description of OZ. The box itself is pretty simple, and made with non-corrugated cardboard, and there are windows on four sides, behind as well. But what you see from behind is an image of OZ itself on a cardboard. It looks very cool, and there is some use to it, that I'll show later. I suppose that if you want to keep the figure in the box, you can remove this cardboard, and enjoy a view from behind.

I give 9/10 to this packaging. It's attractive, it's light, it's small, it should keep your figure safe from most shipping elephants, it's how packaging should be for all figures. Not as awesome as Natsume's, but smaller, and it fits the movie anyway. Altair seems to put some attention into packaging and that's appreciated. (Can't wait to see Azusa's...)


Let's make two tours! First, let our inside furry enjoy King Kazma:









That. Furry. Is. Awesome. Epic rabbit is epic.

I can't say he's very detailed, but that's part of the style, since he's only a virtual avatar, he doesn't have much texture (fur or anything) to begin with. They kept his vey thin legs and arms, and his coat just looks so real. No ugly seams or anything anywhere, he's just too good for that. His champion belt is nicely detailed, the blue beads are actually clear plastic, and not just paint. His gloves and shoes too look very nice. His ears are flexible, I'm not afraid to break them.


I love that tail.

Now on to Kazuma:









My shota alert is flashing red. His shirt looks a bit big, you can almost take a peek at his chest under. I'm SO GLAD that it's not sticking to his skin, his shirt being a bit loose is part of his shota appeal and having it teasing this way really shows some quality and dedication from Altair. There is a seam on the top of his shirt, where they assembled it, but that's unavoidable, just like the one on the top of his head. They also made his right eye even if it's almost completely covered by his hair. His toes and fingers are incredibly detailed. There are some ripples on his clothes, just enough. I don't think some kid in casual clothing is that difficult to sculpt but sh*t, it more than perfect, it's a dream come true.

Just a picture of him with his computer:


And now the two of them!


10/10. Altair will never cease to amaze me.


This will be short, since everything is so perfect. Just a bit of shading where it's needed. Some nice decals for the logos. Painted details so perfect it's hard to believe. I so love the color they used for Kazuma's skin. 10/10


I must admit, I'm not a fan of King Kazma here. He looks a bit stiff, while he's such an awesome fighter doing cool moves all the time. A fighting stance would have been cool, or an action shot! But they went for a balanced look, and a menacing look. Not so bad, but still... meh.


He looks cool from above and below. When you look at him from below, he looks so menacing...^^

Kazuma, on the other hand, looks pretty cool and in character. With his computer, and earphones in his hands, and this glare, you know that even if he's a kid, you have to take him seriously. Especially if you want to fight on the computer.

Because he's sitting, he doesn't take too much space, but he doesn't look like much from a higher point of view. He's better at eye level or over. I think the two figures complement each other on this.

Anyway, I'm giving overall 8/10 for posing, Kazma being a 6,5/10 and Kazuma a 9,5/10.




ALL FIGURES THAT COME IN PAIRS SHOULD BE LIKE THIS. It's so well done that you can put one into the other, but it's not cut, so they can also be separate.

I think this transparent orange fits, and there is a little text, different for each. Here is King Kazma's: "King Kazma - OZ Martial Arts Championship - In the name of all digital warriors, we warriors promise to participate in the OZ Martial Arts Championship Tournament respecting and abiding by the rules and Terms of Service of OZ, commiting to battle with our avatars without hacks or bots. We hereby promise to compete in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of the internets and the pride of our challengers." And here is Kazuma's, that is also on the windows of the box: "Summer Wars - Welcome to the World of OZ!. OZ is an imaginary space on the internet that brings the people of the world together so they can enjoy themselves. Access is easy. You can enter the World of OZ through your PC, cell phone or television. Now let's experience the world of OZ." If I remember well, those are from the first lines in the movie.

So: not cheap, King Kazma is fixed solid, looks cool, and fits together. 10/10.


I'll also put a word for the computer here, because it's a piece of art by itself:



You can open and close it easily. The keyboard looks like a real keyboard, you can't see letters, but the number of letters is right and all. The image from OZ is a nice touch too. There are even details UNDER THE DAMN COMPUTER. It just looks so real.

The earphones are really nice too. They are flexible, tho I wouldn't try to play too much with them. You can even put them on Kazuma's head, of around his neck. It's just that good.

Oh, and remember I was talking about this carboard behind the box? You can use it as background too.

The summer sky:


Or the World of OZ:


If I didn't have a large collection taking too much space, I would definitely use OZ as a background. I'm not usually doing this, but it's so nice to see.

10/10 for the accessories, they deserve a special rating, and they're all awesome.


Do I love these figures? I do - to death. I became a whore for Altair because of Natsume, but these guys were the finishing blow. I think I'll get everything I'm barely familiar with from this company from now on. Complete satisfaction. If you liked Summer Wars, get them. If you like shotas, get this delicious Kazuma kid. So worth it. 10/10.
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thanks for review! I'll pick them up sometime then!
8 месяцев назад
Never thought of using the cardboard as a background, nice find! (Not that I own these particular figurines, but I have some with a cardboard and I was thinking to myself, what to do with this? :-P).

I loved the movie so it's great to see these figurines in a detailed review! Great work, keep it up.
7 лет назад

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