Chogokin Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero Archer)Chogokin Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero Archer)Review

TorchersphixTorchersphix7 лет назад
I won't lie, I have wanted a Gilgamesh figure to go with all my figma Sabers for AGES...

Anyway it seems Bandai set out to grant my wish with Chogokin Gilgamesh. This is pretty much as awesome as it can get because all of his metal armor is diecast, yes!

Honestly the second I saw him go up for preorder...BAM...done, thanks AmiAmi. I know it is not manly to squeal with joy, but I may or may not have...


Here are some pictures of the box:




Well his box isn't as shiny as Saber's (Her box has like inlaid gold foil in the command seal and stuff) but it is entirely functional. Also my box is beaten up because I did some traveling with it, it obviously came in completely fine from AmiAmi.

Anyway, pulling him out of the box we have this. That's a good three solid layers of plastic protection, just like Chogokin Saber, yup even if the chogokin box decided to suicide it off a shelf I had stored it on, with all this plastic packing, he probably would still have been fine!




Next up we have some of the stuff he came with. Here we have those awesome goblets he summons for the discussion of kings. Man if only I could get my hands on a figma like Rider to go along with them...


The base is just like saber chogokin's, except well...it has archer on it. I personally really like these bases. Also if you have some spare figma ones those totally fit in the back slots of the chogokins.


Here are just some pictures of him:






Here he and Saber are really getting along well:



And here they are letting their swords do the discussion:




If I had one point of criticism for this figure, it is that his facial variation is kind of weak. It is the same face with his eyes looking in different directions... Lame, I would have enjoyed an angry face, but a very minor complaint.


I'll note here that the metal on Gil can scratch itself. You may or may not be able to see in the pictures where his shoulder guard's scratched his chest piece. This happened when I was taking out and removing his different pairs of arms. I would suggest putting a tissue or duck tape in between the plates when you swap them out.

The scariest thing to happen to me recently was that during my little photo shoot, I (stupidly *headdesk*) dropped my chogokin saber from about 4 feet up. I know bullet time doesn't exist in real life, but I swear I watched her fall in slow motion. That was pretty much the worst feeling I've had since I discovered I got ripped off making my vmf Reina purchase. I could only stare at saber and all the pieces she was in on the floor. If you have ever felt her, she's pretty damn heavy. I told my friend that if she was ever to drop from any height I was pretty sure all her plastic skirt parts would probably break.

Well...I was in despair, standing there in shock. I pretty much just dropped my favorite figma like saber and broke her...crap.

I know exactly what was about to happen..... I would collect those pieces, find that the little joins and clips smashed. You really can't repair these super well even with superglue or epoxy. I would do my best to fix her, but it would still be bad, and then I'd probably end up having her in one pose forever...A constant reminder of my mistake, and eventually, one of my favorite figures that brings me joy would slowly degrade into an icon of despair, a constant reminder I had crushed something I enjoyed.....

Well, did that happen? I bet it was close to that...thankfully Bandai makes a sturdier product then it looks. I totally dropped her onto a wood floor from 4 feet up, and you know what.... she was....basically fine! None of her pieces broke and I put her back together in like 5 seconds. SOOO LUCKY. The floor actually took more damage than she did. But nothing some wood stain can't fix!

Anyway all those pictures with Chogokin saber up above were taken AFTER I dropped her. Phew.....


I heard he was on sale, see the comments on the figure page for where. I paid full price for him more or less, but I have no regrets, he's pretty awesome and all that diecast armor really makes him feel like he's worth the money.


TLDR: Chogokin Gilgamesh is worth it. Well sculpted and armor is awesome. Don't drop your figures. Bandai Chogokins are still pretty sturdy even if you do.
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Have you ever dropped a favorite figure and did you get lucky with it being fine?

53%Yes Dropped it, (What a Relief, it was fine)
25%Yes Dropped it, (Some damage but I can deal with it)
2%Yes Dropped it, (Tragic Loss, fell and destroyed)
2%Yes Dropped it, (Saved it on my own with lightning fast reflexes)
19%No Never Dropped Anything, (I am Too careful)
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roronoa_zoro697 лет назад#1718438Oh?! i thought he would have his insane face or his smile one...he still looks damn good!
He's got one with him looking straight ahead and frowning a bit, one where he's looking down and to the right with a slightly bigger frown, and one where he's looking down and left with a smug grin.
6 лет назад
Great review! I also own this figure and it's awesome. Mine has a small scratch on the breastplate but it's not too noticeable. I think I'll make my own Gate of Babylon display backdrop for him now that you put a part from the anime :D
7 лет назад
roronoa_zoro697 лет назад#1717777Nice review!
He looks pretty nice, didn't he have a second face?
i was thinking of getting him, but i was thinking that may be the best is to wait for the MMS by Megahouse because i'm not too fond of big scale with many parts (i own a myth clothes and i end up displaying only the armor and i'm afraid of losing a part somewhere :/)

Yea he has 3 faces total, but they are basically the same face with his eyes looking different directions.
7 лет назад
I dropped a figure once. She shattered, but was inside a plastic bag at the time so all the pieces could be recovered. I've repaired her though.
7 лет назад
SaberKatana7 лет назад#1717672OMG you had me at diecast. I grew up on diecast. Thank you for reviewing this!
I have several Saber figmas so this might have to happen for me. I didn't know he had metal parts.

Yea, Chogokin has all the metal parts as diecast the official description is "Gold armor areas are recreated with diecast metal for added weight and realism." yea so he's definitely heavier than your standard figma.

I am having trouble finding an image on the web, but there are diagrams details which parts are diecast, and on Goldy....well its pretty much the whole figure!

SaberKatana7 лет назад#1717672 Was crossing his arms okay or did you have scratching/paint transfer?

He has a different pair of arms for the crossing arms pose so that is not a problem. I actually mentioned this somewhere in my wall of text above, I did have problems with scratching. It occurred when I was trying to push the other pair of arms into the socket. Read above to see how. This wouldn't really be much of a problem if you just are aware in advance that it can happen. I was applying a lot of force on one plate to another, so that's why it scratched. That is pretty much the only place I did it too. he'd probably be fine for normal posing/playing and such, I have sustained no other scratches. Hell, I dropped saber and the floor came off more scratched than her armor...
7 лет назад
OMG you had me at diecast. I grew up on diecast. Thank you for reviewing this!

I have several Saber figmas so this might have to happen for me. I didn't know he had metal parts.
Was crossing his arms okay or did you have scratching/paint transfer?
7 лет назад
Nice review, i agree, faceplates are not very good, but they arent bad either, i pre order him too because im a big fan of Gil, no regrets xD
7 лет назад
astrum the unnecessary guy
Thanks a lot for the review! I really want a Gilgamesh figure, too, but I swear his expression bothers me really bad. I don't like it at all, but everything else is pretty much perfect. Maybe I'll tip over one of these days.
7 лет назад
Good review :) after this I might consider buying this figure if Megahouse will not produce the Gilgamesh figure I'm longing for :C
7 лет назад
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