katsudonkatsudon Play-Along TsukkomiI don't even want to be the main character in my own life

09 дней назадwhitewinterdustwhitewinterdust
katsudon (9 дней назад) #20125481Haha, of course! And yes, yes we do... If anything, this delay is a blessing in disguise as we have more time to gather allies for this war. =D
haha yep, a month's time to gather riches and yeah, more allies
010 дней назадwhitewinterdustwhitewinterdust
Hey, thanks for the FR~!
We really need to start gathering our allies, eh~
018 дней назадsecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
katsudon (23 дня назад) #19623855Greetings sir! For the most part, all is well- have a few personal issues that I'm dealing with, but it's nothing I can't handle.
I am sorry to hear that, I can't even imagine what you and your wife are going through- but I sincerely hope everything works out both emotionally and financially. It sucks that you might have to cut back on collecting, but at the end of the day family is more important. And besides, you can always just track down some of these things on the aftermarket you know?
Well, it might just be one of those situations where you have to look over all your pre-orders and ask yourself "is this a want or a need?" I've been giving up quite a few of mine as I realized that I have a really bad habit of ordering things on impulse and have been trying really hard at working on my self-control.
I... Actually just finished buying all of season one of Sunshine. I'm very emotionally invested in it, even watched a stream of Aqours first live at a movie theater downtown with a friend of mine. Volumes 5-7 also has a raffle for a chance to win tickets to their second live! Hold my beer, I'm going in. I thought the first half was a bit weak, but the second half had some of the best writing the series has ever seen- that, and the songs are all fantastic. Can't wait for season two in the fall! And yes, You is quite lovely- that is a smile worth protecting. Not crazy about Mari, but I love Kanan and the Kanamari ship is delightfully gay that I find it hard to not be behind 110%.
What did you say about Yoshiko? How dare you sir, I challenge you to fisticuffs. You leave my demon-worshipping chuuni waifu with the voice of an angel and them child-bearing hips alone. Personally, I don't care for Rikka at all but I'm kind of thirsty for Ranko. On that note, are you going to order Alter's new figure of her? She looks absolutely stunning, but man... What is that price? I need to think this over.
Drop me a line anytime sir, it's always a pleasure to hear from you! :D
Hoping you will solve your issues in the best possible manner.

Well, it is strange. You know, one of the specialist we spoke with told us that our daughter could actually have an advantage compared to other people in certain areas of her life, mostly studies and work, but what we need to work on is in her social skills... and to make her feel as normal as possible so she won't use her condition as a excuse to do and say whatever she likes. So it was kind of a warning for us, like saying: "don't give her the key to control you". We have a long road to walk in front of us, but we're positive.

Well, I have seem all of my orders over and over again... and well, they all are needs xD. I mean, of course, they all are expandable if need be... but I still feel I'm not there yet. However, our car broke down last week, so there's that TT_TT... I'm telling you, evil forces are surely working extra shifts to make me bend my knees, but I'm pushing things as far as I can, damn it! Life, you can't do this to me, not when Nendo Iowa is within my reach!!

Ohhhh... so you are an apostle of Yohane and accidentally hit a nerve back there... well...


However, I'm speaking from the heart, I swear. Yoshiko feels forced and doesn't blend that well with the rest of the girls. I didn't know there's gonna be 2nd season, so let's see if I find her better the next season. I surely found Hanayo way better in the 2nd season of the original LL and she remains up there in the trinity of Muse, along Kotori and Eli, so who knows! My heart is right there, Yoshiko... just come and get it if you can.

And I agree with you regarding Mari. Not too crazy about her... by herself... but when she's on screen with Kanan... oh boy, oh boy!
Sweet Yuri, the guiltiest of my pleasures

And I think nobody can deny the yuri juices oozing out of Sunshine, M I Rite? I mean, c'mon! We have Ruby and Zuramaru, Chika and Riko with a side dish of You... and well, there's Dia and Yoshiko, but that's never happening... or is it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, crossing fingers, arms and legs for you to be a lucky winner of a ticket to their next live... but are we talking about going to the ACTUAL live... for real? Holy crap, dude!

And that Ranko figure... oh Gosh, she's amazing. Truly a work of art... but considering the extra expenses I'll have for my daughter's therapy, it is just out of my reach. I mean, I could get her if I completely dedicate a budget of 3 or 4 months to get her... but I've also been eyeing this jewel item #287700, which I feel will be just as expensive if not even more expensive than Ranko. What do you think? I'm not even that much of a Guilty Gear fan... but I find this figure completely glorious and I just want her so freaking bad!
025 дней назадsecretly-otakusecretly-otaku

It's been a while, my friend. How are you doing?

On my side, well, I have been having a hard time at work lately with tons of stuff to do and I'm not feeling as healthy as I used to, but still trying to do my best.

Family is Ok. My younger daughter was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome recently, so we had to make a few changes at home. I mean, I don't see this as a bad thing at all, but investment will be required heavily, both economically and emotionally.

Hobby at the end will be impacted since we need to take her to therapy, so I have been tempted to cancel a few things, but I have made my numbers and I should probably be OK with the orders I have now... but can't say I will be able to keep the same order habits xD. But anyway, I'm getting to a point where I have almost all nendos I wanted... but those rereleases man, those damn rereleases!

Anyway, anime-wise, I was FINALLY able to watch LL Sunshine and gotta say... I'm not too crazy about it. There are still a few things I liked... specially You Watanabe, she is the loveliest girl I have seem in a while, good overall stats, nice looking girl with uniform fetish and looks great in a swimsuit... I mean, I feel it was tailor-made for me. But the story isn't an actual strength in Sunshine. Sometimes it feels a bit forced... but then there was the Kanan-Mari episode, and gotta say I'm not fond of shipping, but that episode in particular...


Overall, a fun series to watch, but it falls short in comparison to the original Love Live. And unlike the original LL cast where I liked every girl, I just couldn't stand Yoshiko. I thought I would love her and she would be as cute as a Rikka in Chunibyo or Ranko in Im@s, but no... it wasn't like that AT ALL!

Hoping to read from you soon! See ya around!
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katsudon (3 месяца назад) #17865482Trying to survive in this world gone mad that is now America... Asides from that everything is a-okay! Did you ever get an account on Discord? I uninstalled Skype from my computer ages ago, haha.

Aye, just add Docoda#4940
03 месяца назадDocodaDocoda The MusicMaster
katsudon (3 месяца назад) #17865435Hello friend, how are things going?

Things are somewhat ok over here. How's it going on your side?
05 месяцев назадsecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
katsudon (5 месяцев назад) #16480872*backs away slowly*
Good morning, young gentleman. It seems yesterday I might have lost my composure for a split of a second, so I offer my sincere apologies if I might have left any wrong impression.
However, I'm back to my old classy self again
So... this Eri... or is it Eli? I can't seem to recall correctly. Anyway... she isn't that bad, right?
Haha! Now honestly, I'm really happy with this figure, as you may have guessed. And I think this is more of an Alter work than MegaHouse, so just because of that, it is a figure worth owning. However, I feel she is just a tad more suggestive than what I originally thought she would be. But you know, after a year of getting mostly chibified cuteness, this is a much welcomed change of pace xD. Getting her home might be a bit of a challenge... so I think she will stay with me in the office for a while...

*Trying to fight the shivering but failing miserably*

And I originally had ordered Maki item #317824 to specifically display her next to Eli, but I got screwed over by Anime Blvd and their totally bogus order date since she was advertised as available until December, but suddenly got in stock almost 2 months earlier. Isn't that messed up or what? TT-TT... anyway, money for Maki will now be invested in a new water heater that needs to be replaced... however, I might want to keep my cold showers, considering every time I see Eli...

I just love this gif and wanna use it every time I have the chance XD!

Anyway, you didn't like Eli? Are you really getting rid of her? For Alter's sake, think about it! At least keep the figure for a while and sell it until it quadruples its price xP.
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Deliberately posting happy bday late for front page. ;)
06 месяцев назадsecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Greetings, good sir
I have been advised today we're celebrating thy brithday. For that, my sincerest congratulations!

Another year in Idol Hell Heaven. Tuesday is an... interesting day to celebrate a birthday without compromising your job, which is by the way your main source to appease your hunger for more plastic beauties and gentlemen of action (ok, that sounded weird). But I'm sure you'll find the way xD. Enjoy your day!
06 месяцев назадChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Happy birfday! ^o^
06 месяцев назадCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday! Have a great one!
06 месяцев назадsnowfeisnowfei snack expert
06 месяцев назадcolettebrunelcolettebrunel angelic maiden
I hope you have a wonderful day! Chatting with you over the past year has been very pleasant, so glad I joined MFC because I got to meet wonderful people like you!
06 месяцев назадMuhPlasticMuhPlastic
Happy birthday! Also I'm really enjoying Ex-Aid.
06 месяцев назадGarouDensetsu55GarouDensetsu55
katsudon (6 месяцев назад) #15171329The subbed version of the pilot is available if you haven't checked it out yet. It's weird, very cheesy and the it feels like a sentai show with its gimmicks, but it was also kind of fun? Should be interesting to say the least!

Yeah, I checked out the subbed pilot. Its an okay series so far.
06 месяцев назадMuhPlasticMuhPlastic
Nope not yet but I probably will as soon as I'm done moving :)
07 месяцев назадGarouDensetsu55GarouDensetsu55
katsudon (8 месяцев назад) #14380305Sometimes, the shows with the weird looking riders turn out to be the best ones. Did you know that apparently all the riders in Ex-Aid are doctors? (well, at least the ones they've shown so far) The premise is getting more and more interesting by the day and I'm kind of looking forward to it now.
I'm an anime fighter kind of guy, so I need something with air dashes and double jumps. With that said, Guilty Gear is my shit- I played so much Accent Core back in the day but don't have time anymore to really play fighters and it kind of sucks. I like BlazBlue a lot, but there's almost no scene for it due to how different each iteration feels from one another. That said though, I'm still going to be picking up Central Fiction day one as I love the characters.

Ah, I didn't know the ex-aid characters were actually medical professionals. Nice.

Yeah, I love Anime fighters too. My favorite is Arcana Heart and Guilty Gear. My favorite fighters of sll time, though, are Tekken and Soul Calibur.
08 месяцев назад (8 месяцев назад)GarouDensetsu55GarouDensetsu55
katsudon (9 месяцев назад) #13797287The Heisei era rider shows are pretty hit and miss- I either really like or just hate them and there's very little in between. I really need to sit down one of these days and watch some more Sentai, but I have enough to watch as is, you know?
I don't like the way Ex-Aid looks overall- the color scheme aside, the anime style eyes and the belt kill me. (the Gamer Driver is a universal transformation device, so they'll all have one... Hopefully it'll be a different color for each rider as the one Ex-Aid has is really not easy on the eyes) The premise sounds cool enough and I'll definitely be checking it out, but I can't say I have high hopes for it. Though sometimes the rider series with the 'weirdest' looking suits are the best, take OOOs and Gaim for example.
And no problem!

Hah, yeah, I get that. Sometimes I find it hard to catch up on Sentai, especially after it's been out a while. And that's true about weird-looking riders. I was okay with OOO since I like animal-based series and his default helmet's pretty cool but Gaim's fruit theme blew me away. I mean, warriors and fruits? Only in Japan. But it worked.

I also read that you're into 2D fighters. I'm a big fighter fan myself. Tekken got me into it but I like pretty much any kind of traditional fighter. Super Smash Bros. pushes it a little but it's fun. My favorite fighters are Tekken, Soul Calibur, and anything SNK or Arc (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and the like). You can't go wrong with most anything those companies make. What are some of your favorite fighters?
09 месяцев назад (9 месяцев назад)GarouDensetsu55GarouDensetsu55
katsudon (9 месяцев назад) #13528182Haha, thanks! I've watched a handful of the Showa era shows but I've seen the majority of the Heisei ones. (I didn't finish them all however, some just didn't resonate with me) I'll be honest, while I love Kamen Rider I'm mostly in it for the sweet toys. I always pick up a Sentai show when it starts but for one reason or another I keep forgetting to keep watching them? Last one I finished was Kyoryuger and my favorite is Gokaiger.
What are your thoughts on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid? I am very conflicted.

Ah, nothing wrong with that! A lot or Rider figures look awesome! Plus I'm a sucker for poseable figs if I can get them. I haven't seen many Riders of either era but I liked Ryuki for its theme and Gaim was just awesome for me. Decade was okay. The one Showa I've seen is Amazon but I liked what I saw. I'm currently in the middle of Ghost. As for Sentai I've been on and off since Gokaiger but it was a good season even though I didn't like the Gokaigers at first. I skipped Go-Busters and ToQger but I liked Kyoryuger and I like Ninninger's theme and Zyuohger looks interesting. Old school Sentai I've seen are Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger, and Gingaman, mostly the counterparts to Power Rangers seasons I grew up with.

Hmm, well, I like Ex-Aid's video game theme since I'm a big gamer but his suit color is a little loud for my taste and that plastic hair makes him look like a doofus. But that's just asthetics, not worth getting upset over. I'm curious about the story and I like that there will be other Riders from the get-go so I'm keeping an open mind. To be honest, when I heard Ex-Aid I pictured a medical theme.

What about you? What's conflicting you about it?

And thanks for accepting the FR and replying! :)
09 месяцев назадkanjiaragakikanjiaragaki big ♥ & empty wallet
Sorry I suck. Delayed and lackluster reply ahoy~!

katsudon (9 месяцев назад) #13433350I'm not the biggest fan of Cinderella Girls myself (told myself I would only get figures of Rin) but Alter's Ranko is a thing of beauty. Depending on how Minami and Ana turn out I might get them as well, not sure though. (if the price is reasonable I'll probably pull the trigger)
Yeah, Alter killed it with Eri. Not that the other girls don't like nice or anything, but they definitely saved the best looking sculpt for last. I'm kind of glad that her, Honoka and Umi aren't due until 2017 as the rest of 2016 is packed as it is...
I saw that they announced FigFX of the girls in their Paradise Live costumes! Depending on how they turn out, I might end up getting them myself.
My budgeting plan is pretty simple- buy more groceries, eat out less, and don't make impulse buys. Going to rent more games instead of purchasing them as well. I'll let you know how this goes.
I don't mind them bringing them up now and then, but they are pretty much beating us over the head with that point and it just feels kind of insulting. We got it the first time, they want to be like their predecessors. There's still plenty of the show left to go so let's hope it starts becoming more original from here on out, as I don't like how popular Sunshine is going to be if it just follows the exact same narrative beats.
And she definitely seems like a combination of the two, that's for sure- the key difference is that her seiyuu has a much stronger singing voice. Have you listened to the Guilty Kiss sub unit single? She kills it.

You're a Rin fan then? o: Ranko is my third? favorite. And it really is gorgeous. I'm practically vibrating I want to see it painted so bad. Hahah. My favorite Minami is actually item #464568 but if I'm gonna get a Minami figure, it has to match Ana... for... reasons.

Yes! Eli definitely looks the best imo too? I love everything about her. Honoka actually kind of disappointed me? Just a little though. I'm not a fan of her colors. Too bright. /shields eyes/

I'M JSUT STOKED YHER AER STILL FIGURES OF MY WIFE COMING OUT OK i dont even care if it's a figfix im just gonna live in my little bubble of happiness and also honoka looks good? so? hope? hope.

Smart. Do let me know. Haha.

True. *crosses fingers*

Yes. Guilty Kiss is so good, I cry. And you're right. I have no idea who her seiyuu is but she does sound pretty amazing.

katsudon (9 месяцев назад) #13528264Hello again! I see that you don't have item #317825 ordered despite the fact that she's your wife, why is that?
I was and am still really disappointed in her head placement. It's so awkward and she's only going to look good at one angle... bUT
I ordered this item #331503 and then... like 2 or 3 days later, her preorder date came up. And I cried a little. Because I can't afford both, esp considering I have a really expensive figure preordered for the following month (which is also why a delay to Nov. would be bad for me too.) I've thought about trying to cancel Naki and ordering Kayo but... it's pretty inevitable she's going to delay anyways? But I don't know to WHAT MONTH AND IF I SHOULD RISK IT.
I pretty much accepted the fact I'm just gonna have to face the aftermarket for that one. :')

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