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A Mecha anime fan who loves to collect figures lately, also I love videogames, if there is something that I can do for you do not hesitate to ask and I will be gald to assist you ; )

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11 год назад (1 год назад)ShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Wah, I only now just got a notification for this! Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was good one! Also... Thank you for the well wishes on mine! ^.^ I thought I replied to everyone but apparently missed some. ;_;
12 года назадShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Sorry! It's been soo hectic around here, orz
Buuut, Happy New Year! :3
I'll try to reply to you soon!
12 года назадTenoriLoveTenoriLove
vash109 (2 года назад) #2431950Hey hey hey happy birthday, I hoppe you have such a great day, enjoy it to the fullest, congratulations!!! OwO

It's tomorrow but thank you sweetie, you are so nice ;3;/ ♥
12 года назадShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Soo late, but made it! Happy Birthday!! ^.^
12 года назадTenoriLoveTenoriLove
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday

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