threeaw1threeaw1 I'M SELLING OFF A LOT OF MY COLLECTION!!! (see below). QQ

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04 дня назад (3 часа назад)threeaw1threeaw1
SOLD! No Japanese figure collection is complete without a tentacle monster!!! =p
Selling mine. Like new. Never displayed. Kept stored away. 1/8 scale. I assume they measured its "monster parts" to determine the scale.
015 дней назадthreeaw1threeaw1
Selling Metatron. PM me if interested.
021 день назад (18 дней назад)threeaw1threeaw1
Selling Hentai Series vol. milking 01(red ver), rodeo 02(red ver), tentacles 03(black ver).
Used. Like new. Never displayed. Kept stored. PM me if interested.
item #214976
item #236514
item #264314
022 дня назадthreeaw1threeaw1
4th of July ebay sale - selling off my collection. ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ
[ext link ]
023 дня назад (23 дня назад)threeaw1threeaw1
Selling Aoto + Yuta together. Azone Ex Cute PureNeemo. March Tea Party.
Opened but never displayed. Like new.
[ext link ]

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