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Hi everyone! Been collecting a lot of stuff since I was child, starting with the small pokemon figures then later collecting trading figures and now trying to start a more bigger scale collection now.

Currently I'm now focusing in building up my Persona shrine, I hope to meet more people loving the series!

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03 года назадdarwinnydarwinny
wew haha!!
03 года назадVongolaTsunaVongolaTsuna
skylamikijima (3 года назад) #2199169Dumadame yung sa....wishlist ko x))

haha ok lng yan haha
03 года назадVongolaTsunaVongolaTsuna
naks dumadame na mamaw
03 года назадDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
Thanks for the add!

Nice Persona collection! An awesome choice of course!
03 года назадBloosicaBloosica
skylamikijima (3 года назад) #2198057Thank you for also accepting my friend request! Love your collections and figure reviews on Youtube, keep up the good work! :D

Thank you! Glad you like them!

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