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01 месяц назадtsupertsunderetsupertsundere
Hello, ruth! I have a question about sale #104863 , but your inbox is full. I'm interested in buying her!
02 месяца назадsugako_chansugako_chan
Hi, your inbox is full, so I'm contacting you about your Snowbell Miku, Snow Miku strawberry, and Harvest Miku? Please PM, if you have time.
14 месяца назадAurora08Aurora08
I hope that you can answer my pm's too. thank you. please?
06 месяцев назадokami34okami34
Are you open to trading figures with me? :)
01 год назадbirdsuitbirdsuit
hi! your inbox is full, so i'm contacting you here. would you be open to a trade?

for this figure? sale #86411

I would prefer to trade it for this: item #78404

though ultimately anything here is up for grabs. (mfc link)

thank you for taking a look! i appreciate it.

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