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Hi everyone!

Feel free to chat it up with me. :D I'm comfortable having conversations in any subject matter. Of course, being on MFC, I like collecting figures. And just like with almost everyone here, I love anime and playing video games.
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My favorite anime of all time is Cardcaptor Sakura. The dubbed version aired on television when I was 10-11 years old. It is the anime that got me into anime although I didn't know what anime was at the time. Then came Yu-Gi-Oh! dub came along when I was 12-14. I love this show and became completely hooked on the Trading Card Game. I was introduced to the world of anime by my friends in High School.

I bought my very first figure on eBay item #1151 in 2006 during my freshman year of college. I was watching Bakurestu Tenshi at the time and Sei's character design completely attracted me. I still didn't know about figure collecting. Then in 2007, I bought item #583 Very eye catching figure. I'm not shy to say I love the female body. Inoue Takuya is one of my favorite artists so I just had to have this figure. This paved the way to my interest into figure collecting and starting buying figures on Amazon. I lost interest in anime during my years in college because schoolwork and internships were keeping me busy. Also, I got my souled sucked into the World of Warcraft. My roommates in college got me in WoW because they wanted more bonding time. Played it for 3 years.

I didn't start becoming an avid figure collector until I graduated college and got a full time career at the end of 2011. Which then I started to pick up anime again because I had much more free time at night. I joined MFC in Q2 of 2012. That's when I discovered stores like Amiami and Mandarake.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my boring life story!

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08 дней назадSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (8 дней назад) #21179720It's not easy to sell in US but I know how super hard it is to sell in EU.
I was about to sell 3 figures to someone on MFC but they wanted to do layaway. I said they could pay me in 3 months. One figure per month. Kept saying "I really want to buy them. I will pay them all at the same time in 3 months." Every month buyer said that. Then 3 months pass by and the buyer ran away. I should have learned from DD to do a nonrefundable deposit for the first month and do the same for figures.

I already thought about selling them for really cheap or give some of them to friends. There are some friends of mine who would deserve a small present. At least someone would own the figure who would appreciate it more that I do at the moment >____<

Wow... That is was an horrendous seller... Three months of waiting for nothing :/
08 дней назадSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (8 дней назад) #21179680If I bought Guts, it would probably be the last figure I'll ever buy. Maybe I should do that. The figure to end all figure collecting. I've already sold more than 20 of my figures this year too.

Sounds like an idea if you can really resist to ever buy a figure again :D

I have been thinking about selling some of my figures as well... but selling really is not easy >___>
08 дней назадSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (8 дней назад) #21179661I see you couldn't resist ordering the Prime 1 Studios Guts. lol

Yeah... He was just to perfect >___<

Now I just need to resist other scales and save the money for him. At the moment going well xD
021 день назадSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (21 день назад) #20710516Yeah. I would rather have 9S than Kirito.

Ohhh :D

As I haven't seen SAO or played Nier:Automata I think designwise 9S is cuter and overall more to my taste as well. I kind of like him everytime I see him in a fanart xD
021 день назадSturmhornisseSturmhornisse
redxmaverick (21 день назад) #20707040Holy shit! Nier Automata DDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2B and 9S are insanely popular right now. It better be preorder. Easy money for Volks.

I just saw as well! Lottery would be a nightmare... But some people say that Square Enix can be strange with license so they might not want preoder. Still hoping for a preoder project as I am kind of interested in 9S. He could be very cute as a DD >___<

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