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Hi everyone!

Feel free to chat it up with me. :D I'm comfortable having conversations in any subject matter. Of course, being on MFC, I like collecting figures. And just like with almost everyone here, I love anime and playing video games.
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My favorite anime of all time is Cardcaptor Sakura. The dubbed version aired on television when I was 10-11 years old. It is the anime that got me into anime although I didn't know what anime was at the time. Then came Yu-Gi-Oh! dub came along when I was 12-14. I love this show and became completely hooked on the Trading Card Game. I was introduced to the world of anime by my friends in High School.

I bought my very first figure on eBay ITEM #1151 in 2006 during my freshman year of college. I was watching Bakurestu Tenshi at the time and Sei's character design completely attracted me. I still didn't know about figure collecting. Then in 2007, I bought ITEM #583 Very eye catching figure. I'm not shy to say I love the female body. Inoue Takuya is one of my favorite artists so I just had to have this figure. This paved the way to my interest into figure collecting and starting buying figures on Amazon. I lost interest in anime during my years in college because schoolwork and internships were keeping me busy. Also, I got my souled sucked into the World of Warcraft. My roommates in college got me in WoW because they wanted more bonding time. Played it for 3 years.

I didn't start becoming an avid figure collector until I graduated college and got a full time career at the end of 2011. Which then I started to pick up anime again because I had much more free time at night. I joined MFC in Q2 of 2012. That's when I discovered stores like Amiami and Mandarake.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my boring life story!

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Persona, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, Mass Effect
Love all kinds of music


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This might cost 900-1000 then. ;A;

I can't believe they don't sell to Japan either. This license agreement they have with Capcom is really stupid. I think I will have to pass. Either that or I will have to cancel my other preorders.

So what about your Guts figure? Is he being imported? D: Or are you buying from a local shop?

I'm going to take a risk and use a China forwarding service since they ship to China.

I wish you good luck with the proxy service! Custom fees here are just so high :(

Yeah I ordered Guts from a local shop as I was very scared of the shipping + custom fees. It also would have been hard to calculate how much money he would cost in the end
1 день назад
[quote=]Yeah the quote function is broken for profiles. Also Duo is missing... so I just copy and paste what you wrote. There is a button that looks like << on the top of the message box that is for quote. Then type in my name after the = sign and put whatever message you copied inbetween ][

OK so good thing is they accept paypal. If my time zone conversion is correct, preorder begins at 8AM in the US so I can camp. lol. So I'll try to use you as a forwarding service. Could you PM me your address?

Oh no... I did not think about customs... what is the percentage? This figure costs 699 USD.

Customs will probably be around 24% of the price of the figure + shipping. Do you still want my adress? >___<
1 день назад
I don't know why but the quotation function does not work for me at the moment... Or maybe I am still not unterstanding the new MFC :P

Ahhh ok! Will I need to camp to get her? I might still be at university at that time of the day >__<
And do you know if HMO takes paypal as well? The FAQ on their website is a bit lacking informationwise but at least I saw that preoders require deposit.

Another alternative of going for her could be that you pay/order her and use my adress in the end (forwarding service :P) but I am not sure if their service allows that...

And to remind you... Don't forget to calculate custom charges in the price. I will have to get that one from custom office for sure =___= xD
2 дня назад
redxmaverick (11 дней назад) #26961346Scariest thing happened to me Thursday night. All of a sudden Thursday late at night, I felt super dizzy and didn't have a sense of balance. It felt like I was in a rocking boat and my eyes were drawing circles. I couldn't stand or sit up straight. It was made bearable by laying my head right ear down. I was almost in a panic like OMG what is happening to my brain. First time ever feeling like this and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever so I was getting scared. Feeling pain is sure way to tell if something is wrong. But knowing something is wrong but not feeling pain, to me, is scary. It's 11PM, don't know if I should go to emergency. I wake up my parents to get ready to go. My parents told me to wait an hour to see if the symptoms would lessen. Thankfully after an hour (glad I wasn't nauseous the whole time), I was about to sit my head straight up and the rocking was much less. I could walk around too. Took some advil and called it a night. The swaying didn't go away when I woke up. Took a day off from work and parents drove me to a doctor. Find out it's vertigo. It's funny how he was telling me I had nothing to worry about... how I wasn't having a stroke... Vertigo can happen to anyone randomly. My case wasn't as severe as other cases because worse case you're vomiting and can't stop wanting to vomit even if there's nothing in your stomach to throw up.
I really hope it won't be a repeated occurrence with me. Of course my dad over exaggerated and emailed my manager at work that I went to the hospital and why we weren't going in to work Friday. My manager has a big mouth and told the whole company. That's what happens when you work at a small company. Everyone knows. Came back to work today and had to explain everything. Everyone asked if I was feeling okay so that's nice. lol
I'm feeling at 90% though. I had enough time to type this out. I can't sit in front of a monitor for more than 30 minutes otherwise I'll start to feel lightheaded. Interesting enough, the vertigo was triggered when I was sitting at my computer watching Boku no Hero Academia. So the last few days, I've been using any computer sparingly. Well couldn't really use it all weekend anyways because the medicine I was taking made me super drowsy and body tired so slept all day. lol. Oh gawd... I really hope computer monitors or tv screens don't trigger my vertigo. >.<
oh my gosh that is so scary ;___; i'm really glad it's nothing serious!!! but still that sounds like such an uncomfortable thing. I've never experienced vertigo before.
aw man, i'm sure the last thing you wanted was to have to explain yourself to everyone at work! i know the feeling lol...
and yeah, that would be the worst if you couldn't use the computer as much if it triggers it D:
i'm really glad you're okay though!! hopefully it was a one-time occurrence, but maybe it was caused by stress or something, so take it easy!!!
11 дней назад
redxmaverick (15 дней назад) #26734326Yes! Of course I'll show you how! This is the materials list I've planned so far for one detolf.
16ft LED lights + AC/DC adaptor = $13.99
Connectors $6.49 x 2 = $12.98
Total so far $26.97. The angled brackets and double-sided tape shouldn't cost much. Could probably do this for $35.
Maybe you've seen it. There is a tiny rip in Rise's peach pai body. Thankfully located on top of her abdomen so when I attach the chest, it covers up that rip. Perhaps you could help me repair it? Before the rip gets any larger. It'll be a good test run to see how the repair process works and how well it repairs. :D
They did a really good job painting and shading your silicon body! Do you know if there are ways to fix painting mistakes on silicon? If there isn't, I think it was worth paying to have the job done. Rise's lady parts aren't colored. I think it would look really good painted. Do you want to try painting it with me? :3
Rise's been without a stand for years now so she will be fine. lol I wonder if I can wrap some cloth or foam around the claw and that would prevent any dents? But like how you saw Kanu's finger was resting on her thigh for a long period of time and a dent occurred even though the finger is made of vinyl. Seems like any prolonged pressure from a semi-tough object will dent peach pai. So that's definitely one downside of peach pai. I wonder what peach pai is actually composed of because it does feel softer than silicon.
omg, thanks so much! Yeah that's pretty affordable for a good lighting setup :D

yeah I noticed the rip on Rise's torso. it's lucky the placement is totally out of sight lol, but yeah let's try to fix it!! :D i wonder if it works the same on peach pai as it would on a harder silicone...

yeah, i have no idea if it's possible to fix a mistake while painting on silicone... the silicone paint thinner (which i could not order because it's flammable and my shopping service can't ship it ;_;) would probably be able to clean up small mistakes... lol i would definitely want to practice a lot before we try painting on Rise or anything expensive! but i think when i upgrade my airbrush we would be able to do a pretty great job! we should definitely try! I need to find a way to get the thinner shipped over here! do you have any ideas? it's okay if you have no idea lol

yeah, i really wonder how they make peach pai! o_o
btw..... i ended up caving and ordering the stars bless you Sakura :/ lmaooo i need an intervention. How do you like her?? I saw she isn't on your ordered list anymore so that means she must've arrived! From the user pics on here, she looks incredible!
15 дней назад
redxmaverick (16 дней назад) #26706537I really like that brush but I don't know where you can download that one specifically. Some google-fu turned up this free brush website. It has tons of brushes. www.brusheezy.c... I tried downloading a brush to see if it's safe and it is. :D
Although I told you I might not put LEDs in my detolfs because it would take some work, I think I may take up a weekend project. I wanted LEDs that were "hidden", that when someone is looking in the detolf they won't be blinded by the lights. I'm going to steal this guy's idea. This guy is charging between $100-160 for this set so I'm going to make my own. This can be done for less than $50. www.thecollecti... These LED strips are placed inside these L-shaped plastics and angled. They are stickied near the front panel corners.
I'll give you the doll stand as a thank you gift for your thank you gift. lol. But I know you won't take the stand for free... soooo I'll trrryyyyyy not to feel bad about accepting your gift. But seriously if you would like help moving to your new home, please don't hesitate to call me. :3
ooh, thanks for the link!! some of them look pretty good. :D

and omg that's a great idea! You should totally do it. But yeah, I can see why you wouldn't want to put uncovered LEDs in there, they are really blinding. If you end up doing this, can you show me how? It seems like the best way to do detolf lighting!

ALSO i found a tutorial for repairing rips in silicone!! I wonder if this would work on peach pai! momoken.wonder-... lol i just impulse-bought these supplies, but since I got that doll body i think they could be pretty useful to have. Also i was psyched to find out that this site carries silicone paint. I payed like $50 extra to have the doll body that i bought painted/shaded..and they did a good job so i think it's worth it.. but it's still really exciting that i could try it myself too.

yeah the thing i got for Rise is nothing much, so i will definitely pay you for the stand!! :3 i mean i was gonna buy one eventually anyway, so you just sped up the process lol. But i wonder what kind of stand Rise could use? :( it seems like anything similar to the kind you bought should be ruled out because it would probably dent her.. there is this kind, which is kind of weird to me lol volksusastore.c... i'm sure you've seen these before but the doll basically sits on the stand like a horse saddle... but that would probably dent her too if she sat there for too long..
15 дней назад
redxmaverick (1 месяц назад) #26098568Yep! I did vectors for Yoko. Redrew and recolored the stock image of Yoko. Back then, alot of the stock images were low quality scans and the only way to get higher resolution would be to vectorize it yourself. It took a very long time. I would work on it 1-2 hours each day. Background was random vector art I did as well.
Here it is. I found the leaf and branch pre-set brush I was talking about. twitter.com/mei...
Some other interesting stuff too
sorry i'm just now replying to this! wow, all three of those "brushes" (idk if the last two can be called brushes?) look so useful *^* i wonder where you could download them! that last one is amazing for patterns, it would be really useful for drawing lace which is something i've done unsuccessfully plenty of times lmao
also, i found something nice for Rise!! it's a thank you gift so plz don't feel guilty or anything! :)
18 дней назад
redxmaverick (24 дня назад) #26420964Might be a click war... they haven't said anything about preorders and price yet. It's definitely going to be a limited number of statues so rumor is that it will cost between 500-700 USD.
I will let you know what's happening.

Ok. Sounds like a plan :D
24 дня назад
redxmaverick (25 дней назад) #26403078I can't believe this beautiful statue ITEM #552344 won't be sold in the US. ;A; I can't believe it won't be sold in Japan either...
It is being sold in these countries. If it's not too much trouble, I may need your help to preorder.
View spoilerHide spoilerAlbania
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom

Ohhh... That is really strange 0___0

Ok! Guess we will wait until preoders open to see what I can do? :)
25 дней назад
redxmaverick (1 месяц назад) #25853226
wooaah that yoko wallpaper is so cool, you did the vectors?? :O it must've taken a long time
1 месяц назад
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