orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli

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just a lady interested in poetry,
i like my men like i like my anime -
tragic and loaded (full of philosophy)

i need attention like every time i breathe
my collection says something it shouldn't say -
that i lack moral responsibility

and some financial responsibility
but when night falls and you have to go away
madoka figures make the best company

my wishlist & upcoming purchases:
~Madoka figma - homura school uniform
~Madoka Beach Queens - any
~Hidamari Sketch nendoroids
~alter's christmas sonico
~Maiko Madoka
~both gsc homuras
~alter's kotori
~brilliant stars ririka


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11 день назадLuka-nyanLuka-nyan
OMG they are making a Sonico figure based off this illustration item #581607 [ext link ]
and a Kokoa to go with the chino prize figure o: item #581612 u da real mvp FuRyu
12 дня назадLuka-nyanLuka-nyan
lmao that Homura on ur bio <3 :'] picture #1762142 awwww Cocoa bb
08 дней назад3ngrsh3ngrsh
orochimaruxsaber (9 дней назад) #21179980item #540889 why is this relatable

my god it looks like it's made of marzipan
019 дней назадLuka-nyanLuka-nyan
Omg you got Karin <3 so lucky! Did u get the GK or the pre-painted one??
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
120 дней назадrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
orochimaruxsaber (20 дней назад) #20782926hello fellow madoka enthusiast!!! :3

Hey there! Your collection is super cute <3

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