omgusosillyomgusosilly I have shopping problems.

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06 месяцев назадRagnarok01Ragnarok01
is your IA still available? and how much
01 год назадDemonKing97DemonKing97
Happy Birthday!
01 год назадnaftienaftie
omgusosilly (1 год назад) #5069343Hi! I'm staring at these at work and remembered you made a post about them. Here you go! I hope you get to order a pair this time. :) [ext link ]

Hello! Thank you so much for remembering, that's incredibly kind of you! As much as I'd love to order a pair I went a bit crazy with figures in November so I'm trying to refrain from ordering anything new D: I still really appreciate the thought though, thank you again(:
01 год назадOmegaForteOmegaForte
Dunno why the blog was deleted, but just came to inform you that my order changed from "Pre-Ordered" to "Ordered" and the "Back-ordered" status has been removed. Although they never sent a reply, but then again it was only a few hours ago I sent it.
02 года назадDemonKing97DemonKing97
Happy birthday to you! Friend on myfigurecollection.

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