murialitamurialita Fish, meet Wallet. You two will be sleeping togther soon!

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A guy who has bought a few figures.

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18 дней назадYankeeAllStarsYankeeAllStars
murialita (8 дней назад) #22179903Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much!!! ^_^

I really enjoyed your Himejima Akeno unboxing video and I might get her for my birthday lol
315 дней назадWinter7Winter7
Chill videos man love the let's browse, and your reviews are informative and detailed keep up the good work.
415 дней назадNiceey17FSNiceey17FS
Hi, thanks for accepting! :)
Love watching your chatty unboxings and let's browse videos, keep going ^.^
01 месяц назадlordmacntonlordmacnton The Lord
Guessing you've seen but just in case
item #576707
01 месяц назад (1 месяц назад)mokachanakashiyamokachanakashiya
Hi, I like your collection! especially Tamamo she is one of my favorites

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