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05 дней назадFatalReticenceFatalReticence JSMT~ ♥
monkry (5 дней назад) #24670552I just wanna say, thank you very much for adding those FGO fes' acrylic stands into DB ;v;)No problem! :)

Nice Gilgamesh collection by the way.
027 дней назадLilieLilie
1 more week for WF! let's pray for a gilgamesh scale! :D
01 месяц назадLilieLilie
Got my gilgamesh figma amiami package today and almost fainted when i opened it! :D He's so perfect, atleast for me. The gold armor color is kinda bland, but i don't care i switched to the alternative body already anyway xD.
02 месяца назадLilieLilie
Love your collection, you have all the good gilgamesh figures ^^. I'm trying to find the Chogokin version for a decent price. He's so expensive now :(
05 месяцев назадBloodFlowerBloodFlower
monkry (5 месяцев назад) #18744486Hola, I saw your username in Last Edited by for item #553313
May I ask you to correct its version? It should be Nobiemon, not Nobimon

Fixed it for you.

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