mipukawaiimipukawaii I like cats (^・ω・^ )!

О себе

⭐ Hi Peoples ⭐

~⋆Selling stuff here (mfc link)⋆~

My humble name is Ida and to make me happy you just have to mention cats in any way. I realy like them. And I mean really...


~Hummm, what else? Yessss, I also like any other animal I happen to lay my eyes on, with the exception of mosquitoes, ice-cream, sugar, any kind of tea with honey when it`s raining outside, crackling leafs in autum and going to the seaside in summer~

~Me and money don`t seem to get along, so I found the perfect hobby for getting rid of it as soon as possible. As I keep telling my parents, at least I`m not spending it on drugs and alcohol~

~I`m also a sucker for seasonal things. So since it`s Spring soon, and with it comes Easter, here`s something, well seasonal~


~So bye y'all~

~P.s. I also like meeting new people, so if you feel like you wanna talk to me, go right ahead, I don`t bite~

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021 день назадTob-chanTob-chan
O mOJ BOZEEE -> item #220988 lalal
021 день назадTob-chanTob-chan
Nee jos trazim mipukawaii (21 день назад) #19485627Jesi ti uspjela naci gdje da potvrdis da me prihvacas kao frendacha?
021 день назадTob-chanTob-chan
Yeeeey :3mipukawaii (21 день назад) #19483233Našla sam te! <3
010 месяцев назадkuroorinkuroorin
mipukawaii (10 месяцев назад) #11235044Awwwww, thank you soooo much!!! I just got Noya today!
Now the waiting for Kenma starts! But by the time he gets here, hopefully, all my exams will have finished! Fingers crossed! :3
Anyways, really sorry for the super late reply! gah! This semester is taking too much of my time! And when it comes to actually answering people, by the end of the day, no more strenghth! :3
But that`s still not that bad, from what I gathered, it seems his price is only going to rise so you still got him at a relatively good price, I guess. c:
the only bad thing about Noya`s arrival is that he`s gonna really distract me! Gosh Noya, stop being so freaking adorable! c:

Hurray on Noya! I saw your comment on his page, I'm sorry you had to pay a hefty customs fee. ;___;
Can't wait for the adorable Kenma! I wasn't planning to get him but GSC HQ hand has a firm hold on me waah. Then it will be Tsukki and then I pray super hard they will re-release Hinata and Kageyama when s3 airs. TT__TT
011 месяцев назадkuroorinkuroorin
mipukawaii (11 месяцев назад) #10465452Oh No! D:
I Hope that by now your shipping problem got cleared up!
I almost had the same fears with my last order, but turnes out, the only thing that was wrong was a deffective tracking number! Guess somebody at the post office forgot to scan it or something! XD
Anywasy! The little Yuu nendo is gonna be shippide any day now! Can`t wait! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ
The only thing that bugs me, though, is that he`s gonna arrive in like 3 weeks, just when my exams start (╥_╥)

When the postman came today I totally thought Noya was here haha. But no...
You'll have someone watching your back when you're studying. :p Good luck with your exams!

It just arrived yesterday actually! Your reply is like a good luck charm maybe? Haha. :3

Turns out the seller is legit and really nice. He even wrapped it around in the big sized bubble wrap so not a single dent or crease on the nendo box. It was the shipping company that tried to scam me, they tried to charge me 5kg cost...for a 700g package. ~__~ In the end I had to pay extra to return Hinata to the seller to be re-sent with a better shipping company. He was supposed to be cheaper, roughly 3.8k yen but with all the extra costs he's like 5.6. TT___TT

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