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02 месяца назадHeliodoraHeliodora
Your inbox is full :P I understand, can't do anything if someone got hurt at work T.T I'll wait for the info tomorrow then ^^
02 месяца назадsojasoja
Is your inbox full?
I tried sending you a PM regarding Orihara Izaya - Psychedelic version.
04 месяца назадSquattaSquatta
loretxiki (4 месяца назад) #21155413it really was by pure chance or more like because makoto hahaha but is nive to know someone that has an account here, me gusta the figure stalking hahaha didnt know you posted them on tumblr too, havent been there much lately sadly

Haha the power of Makoto is real. I will, without a doubt, buy any Makoto figure that comes out and take pictures. I still haven't gotten around to taking pics of the figma Makoto. I might one day.
I use tumblr a lot still. Its the one site I know people I know irl aren't going to find me so I feel the most comfortable on there pfft.
04 месяца назадSquattaSquatta
loretxiki (4 месяца назад) #20804281Hi! I follow you in some sites and I just found you here scrolling through the makoto figure, not to sound creepy or anything lmao,

Haha! I noticed your username :) I think you just found me on here by pure chance, lol! I've been posting all the pics I put on here to tumblr anyway so they're probably noticeable.
01 год назадTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Hi, I'm selling the Kageyama nendoroid if you're still looking for him!

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