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I've started playing video games pretty much late in the 90s, so unfortunately a lot i missed on, but mostly an rpg fan.
In the end all my hobbies linked together: I like drawing therefore i started to like animes and got hooked on jrpgs, especially everything "Tales of" related.
Gimme a shout if you want to make small talk, i speak english and french ♥

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02 дня назадTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Happy birthday \o/ My best wishes from South Korea, flying to Japan in the next hour (my wallet's not ready...) I hope your own wallet gets resplenished for your birthday :p Have a great one!
03 дня назадMirurinMirurin
Hey hey, happy birthday!! :D
03 дня назадcryingtrashcryingtrash
Happy birthday!!!
01 месяц назадTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
karaya (1 месяц назад) #19095791Happy Birthday! :)
Hope you're not overwhelmed by snow over there, i know we are Dx

Thank you so much :D And sorry for there late reply >.<
Now that I'm working full-time I don't know how to deal anymore with the sudden afflux of communication that happens during birthdays ah ah. Not that I was too good with that even before...

Nope, not an inch of snow overhere! We almost did get no snow at all this year.
03 месяца назадTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
karaya (3 месяца назад) #17296055Thanks for having my back on editing info my drafts, i really fail at this! D:
And Happy New Year late, hope you get all the loots you hope for this year :3

What, this? Don't even mention it lol Your entries were great, iirc they only thing I did was fixing a minor redundancy in the title. You're a great database contributor :D
Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you too, with all my best wishes for 2017 :D I will already be really glad if I can be satisfied with Berseria lol Soon!!

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