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Hi my name's Christine and I will do almost anything to avoid studying .

I also spend way too much money on Love live and Yuri on Ice

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01 час назадOtakuChickOtakuChick
isameille (2 часа назад) #22773447Hi there,
Could you please check your PM's in regards to this split?
(mfc link)
Please let me know if you'd like me to resend it!
Thanks <3

Just paid it!
03 дня назадiksrpiksrp (〃δ ◡ δ) x (눈_눈)
Your inbox is full again ahah D: but just wanted to update you, I tried to ship out your package today, but apparently the post office wasn't even open today. So I'll try to re-ship it out on Monday when they open. Sorry for the inconvenience >__<
04 дня назадiksrpiksrp (〃δ ◡ δ) x (눈_눈)
Hi! Your inbox is full so I can't send you a message, but the items you want are available. just send me your zipcode and ill be able to calculate shipping for you :D
07 дней назадDirgeDirge
Sorry to bother you again! Your inbox is full but I posted your package today. PM me if you'd like the tracking number.
012 дней назадDirgeDirge
Just a heads up, your inbox is full ^^

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