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Digital Art and Japanese Language Graduate of UFO and the creator of the once semi-well known Webcomic series Emergency Exit. Currently on long term hiatus due to health issues and unfortunately am temporarily disabled and limited work-wise.

Favourite subject to collect is all things Shin Megami Tensei, mainly the Persona series. Also love horror, monsters, and oddly, magical girls. I love to surround my environment in colour and inspiration and have shelves up all around the house filled with figures, comics and RPG manuals with the help and support of my husband, who is a RPG writer and fellow comic artist.

I live in Springfield, OR with my husband and two cats.

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01 год назадcarbatoniccarbatonic
eecomics (1 год назад) #8290367Hey there, I tried responding to your message but it said your inbox was full. I still have the figure you're interested in, if you can open up some inbox space I'm happy to go over the transaction with you. Thanks!

oops! sorry about that. Fixed!
02 года назадOrannisOrannis
eecomics (2 года назад) #2292319Happy Birthday! Totally didn't see how close it was to mine. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet, we shall continue our conversation soon. Just been busy, and yes last weekend went much better than before. None-exploded. Hope you stay the same on your bday.

lol, yeah, though it's still an hour away here. XD I totally understand how busy things can get though, I've been pretty busy lately too. :P
06 лет назадOrannisOrannis
Howdy; welcome to the club. :D
06 лет назадTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board eecomics! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^


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