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О себе

Hi, I'm Ruby. I'm a 22 year old art student studying toy design, art history, and Japanese language. I live in New York City.
I love cute, bright, and cheerful things. I'm really passionate about decorating all of my spaces and belongings with stuff that makes me happy.
Azusa Nakano is my favourite character and I love her a lot.
I removed myself from most of the internet halfway through 2016 by ghosting 99% of people I knew online, due to severe depression. I'm slowly getting better and regaining my happiness in ACG and collecting. I don't want to be deeply involved in figure collecting communities again, but I am always happy to discuss the love of collecting and cute anime girls with you.
Please feel free to add me and talk any time about whatever you like, I'm very friendly.
I love characters with these traits:
flat chests, silky hair, pastel hair (especially purples and blues), blonde, sundresses, tsundere complex.
I also love characters that are cats. Not just nekomimi, actual anthropomorphic cats such as: Felyne/Melynx, Puck, Kyuubey, Jiji, Meow, and Hummy.
My favourite girl is Azusa Nakano, followed by Kudryavka Noumi, Maria Takayama, Astarotte Ygvar, Rin Kokonoe, Ink Nijihara, Rika Furude, Mirai, Shiina Arizuki, and, well...many more pettanko cuties.

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