countofzarcountofzar Selling all of my Figures. Open to Negotiate. PM me for details.

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Here is my little intro of how I got started collecting figures. >.<

I started watching anime since I was a little kid with Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball Z (in Spanish) back when
I was living in Mexico. I didn't really got into anime until I watched Escaflowne during Summer 2009 and got
interested in watching more. I later watched Gurren Lagann and it was my gateway drug to anime.

While researching anime and Japaneses culture, I found a website called that got me partially
interested in figures. It was not until I went to Anime Expo 2010, and was really happy when I started watching
all of the figures in the exhibit hall. Photos don't do justice to figures, you have to physically see them to start getting into this collectors hobby.

Since I am a Gurren Lagann fanboy, I started collecting Gurren Lagann figures and merchandise. that's why I am here. To see how far I can go with this awesome hobby that only figures collectors
can understand.

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05 месяцев назадZivhayrZivhayr
Truly an awesome collection you have, a shame you're passing them on but I hope you find them all loving homes.
05 месяцев назадBoognishBoognish
If you are still selling Ad #123988 (Yoko-Bounty Hunter ver.) I am interested please message me back. Thank you.
01 год назадKingSabahKingSabah
Do you still have item #141044 for sale? I am interested!
02 года назадFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday !
04 года назадbwakanabitsbwakanabits
thnx.. do hope i get one within my budget but not really expecting since its quite expensive now.. ^_^

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