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Don't be afraid and just talk to me!!!!!
I'd love to make new friends <3

(I'm selling all my haikyuu stuff so If you're interested in anything please pm me)

Some of my fav characters
Vincent Law is the love of my life ;;

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029 дней назадadrikynadrikyn
concf (29 дней назад) #19319490Mhhh seinen in general (like gantz, dorohedoro, ajin, real...) also fma, re:zero, gintama, yowapedal, yoi,psycho pass and gay stuff hahahaha
and you?

Cool, I like seinen too--Gantz manga is one of my favourites! School-Live is probably another, though it's kind of a mixture of Seinen/Horror/Cute Girls. I'm also really into shounen (YGO, Saint Seiya), horror (Shiki)...and game animes in general like Kaiji. I've got an anilist if you wanna share: [ext link ]
01 месяц назадadrikynadrikyn
concf (1 месяц назад) #18873565Nice to meet you! Lets be friends <3

Hello! Sure, haha. What anime are you into?
01 месяц назадriringoriringo
concf (1 месяц назад) #19129567I'm fine! Thank you! With my two cats drawing :)
I've really liked your review of ciel! I decided to buy it <3 I'm not a fan of kurohitsuji but Yana Toboso's art and clothe design is amazing

Wow really?? I hope you like him when you receive him! :3
01 месяц назадriringoriringo
concf (1 месяц назад) #18958986How are you?
Hahahaha I know!!!! That's why I chose you (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Nice. xD I'm good! Hope you're doing well!
01 месяц назадLadySearaLadySeara
Thank you for fr :) Have a nice day!

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