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01 год назадPlamsPlams
clc (1 год назад) #13226093(*-*) Another nice announcement (after the DGM one) -> (mfc link)
The saving money and space in 2017 becomes increasingly more and more difficult (^.^;;)

*finds a wall... throws herself at it...*
If only... And 2016 is not even over yet... Did you see who is getting a re-release item #144474
01 год назадPlamsPlams
clc (1 год назад) #11880241Aha! Long-awaited Miku has arrived (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Yeap! And she is awesome!!! I have been trying to find some defect on her, but the longer I stare at her, I begin to like her more and more. Plus. Defects? Nope. I can't find any! XD
02 года назадMoroMoro
clc (2 года назад) #3102524I finally made myself do it (mfc link) (^-^)
I won over my lazyness and I'm somehow proud about that (^.~). Kaworu is, as always, pure love <3

I linked it to the Kaworu, Shinji, and kawoshin clubs :> These prize figures really are very nice.
03 года назадOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
03 года назадTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board clc! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^


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