cjwine14cjwine14 hiya! let's talk!

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Helloooo!!! Welcome to a blank and uninteresting profile. Enjoy your stay. Have some cake while you're here ^_^

I'm new to figure collecting.
Things I like:
Japanese culture and language
Yaoi & BL
Badass shows and characters such as Psycho Pass, Durarara! And Death Note...
Miyazaki movies
Old school= Kenshin, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon.

Hmm that's it for now-~ Ja ne!

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07 месяцев назадAaronMasonAaronMason
im in a tight spot for money right now if you wanna offer on my izaya figure.il prob take the offer
01 год назад (1 год назад)OppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
cjwine14 (1 год назад) #14312875Nice Collection. Gotta love Shizuo and Durarara!! Are you excited for the Touken Ranbu Online Anime? Do you play the game? Talk to you soon!

Thank you! I love your profile picture! (Shogo Makishima, right?) Yes, Shizuo is everything ^^ . I'm EXTREMELY excited for the Touken Ranbu Online anime. Unfortunately, I don't play the game because 1.) I can't figure out how to download it on my computer and 2.) My ability to read/write Japanese is... pitiful, to say the least ^^" But I do enjoy collecting the Touken Ranbu Nendoroids, admiring fanart, watching walkthroughs of the game, and reading fanfiction and whatever information I can find about Touken Ranbu (:
02 года назадMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
cjwine14 (2 года назад) #2777334konbanwa! I remember you from the Psycho-Pass group on facebook- and you gave me some awesome figure collecting info! My name's Chelsea! Hello again and thanks for the welcome \^_^/ What was your name again? Since we're both in the same epic network ^~^
Hoping to get my collection started ASAP. Oh, and I'll let u know if I find the subbed Psycho Pass movie!

Well hello! Reika, right (though now Chelsea!)? Forgive me if I'm wrong! I'm Madeline/Maddy, but you're welcome to call me MJ. It's my nickname, besides Maddy. c:

You should get one of the Kougami figures. Or Makishima. :D Or the Akane figure or Nendo!
Here, the Psycho-Pass goods, haha: encyclopedia #41165

Sure! Although I'm planning on jumping on buying it as soon as its released! Hoping to snag some awesome DVD/Blue-Ray bonuses. I'm a bonus junkie, so easy to please. xD

"Psycho-Pass Blue-Ray for $250!"
Me: Oh my, that's rather expensive, maybe I won't get it. .w.' ...
"Exclusive Postcard and 3-inch sticker included!"
02 года назадOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
cjwine14 (2 года назад) #2777337Arigatou!! And oh my, what amazing collection! Thank you for the welcome!!

Thanks =)
02 года назадMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
Hello and welcome to MFC~! ~confetti~

I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun collecting. ^ ^

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