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all pixel art from Pixel-dreams

i like a lot of things! mostly toys and baking. i have a toy blog shared with a couple of friends: (not very active bc im a Bad Blogger)

things i collect: tokidoki, figures, monster high dolls, ever after high dolls, furbies... general toy stuff!

anime: pmmm, dokidoki! precure, naruto/naruto shippuden, ttgl, eva, gdgd fairies, ano hana, sailor moon, panty & stocking, tokyo mew mew, revolutionary princess utena, heartcatch precure, yugioh, rozen maiden, yuki yuna, haikyuu, love live... tbc...

western cartoons/animation: steven universe, gravity falls, bee & puppycat, monster high

masterlist of characters i have crushes on lol

***if i don't respond to a message or follow up on a sales message, i'm really apologetic, but i'm a huge space cadet and i do lose track of things really frequently. i mean nothing, and if it's urgent that you hear back from me, feel free to send another message!***

fictional spouses, part 2

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07 дней назадCrush-ZombieCrush-Zombie
caneton (24 дня назад) #19542540i love to see someone else who got into precure because of the lure of all the figures. makes me feel better about my life choices, lol
COLORFUL PLASTIC! Precure's got a design aesthetic I (mostly) really like (you must have similar tastes, for sure lol), but... the best of its writing gets me the most and if it's enriching, that's all that matters, in my opinion, lol. But that boundary is harder to define than it seems, isn't it ;;
026 дней назадVelaniswinVelaniswin
caneton (27 дней назад) #19467001happy birthday~ hope that it's full of good food, good company and good vibes!

Thank you!!
027 дней назадKimm134SayaKimm134Saya
caneton (27 дней назад) #19466717you're a hero tbh. i check once a day, usually, but haven't had such luck-- lmk if you ever see it again though... i actually finally found a few of the ones i'm hunting coincidentally last night (not persona related, tho) so i'll be trying to get those xx Good luck! I'm sure you'll come across the items you're looking for soon.
028 дней назадKimm134SayaKimm134Saya
caneton (28 дней назад) #19438534hi! i saw your comment on one of the p3p garage kits (the nijigen bunritai shijiro/minato one) and was wondering where you got ahold of it? i'm assuming yja, but what search queries did you use? i always search character names and gk circle names, but haven't had any luck. thanks~ Hi! Yes, I got it through YAJ. I check ペルソナ on the site about 4 times a day. However, I've only seen that specific kit once in more than 3 years. :(
01 месяц назадmahou_shoujomahou_shoujo
caneton (2 месяца назад) #18598010hi!!! it's been like 8 years but i wanted to know if you got your secret santa gift (i'd have added my name to it but manda didn't really let me do that lol). i saw on the note thing that a lot of people didn't get stuff and things went wrong, so i wanted to make sure that everything went ok on your end!
Yes, I received my gifts! Thank you very much! I had no idea who it was from. I asked GodYagami who my Santa was but I was waiting for a response from you and forgot to message you. I tried leaving a message for you by alerting my wish list, don't know if you were notified. Thank you again!

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