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Hello there~ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ♪

I've been collecting figures "for real" since Spring 2013. My collection might seem small but it's slowly growing into the beast that I want it to be~ (●´∀`●)

My other passions in life except for collecting are drawing, photography and learning as much as I can within music. I'm also trying to make my video game collection grow, especially my Ace Attorney and Final Fantasy collections. It's difficult to express my love for these two series with words so I guess buying merch will do just fine.

I'm currently spending most of my time playing Final Fantasy XIV, drawing crooked trees and buying random merch orz.
I don't mind getting new friends. If you'll be nice to me, I'll be nice too.
I'm quite a fun person once you get to know me better!

Collections I'm currently working on:
Final Fantasy

The games in my media tab are either Japanese release, Ace Attorney or Final Fantasy related. Owned = Payed

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14 месяца назадCoffeeCoffee
Häppi Börfdäj Blåräj!
04 месяца назадPahsminaPahsmina
01 год назадBloodFlowerBloodFlower
Lade in Maya åt dig i databasen: item #385245
01 год назадDarkButterflyDarkButterfly
Happy birthday! :D I hope you have a wonderful day! :D
01 год назад (1 год назад)h-maniah-mania
Your inbox is full so I copy the message here:


Thank you again a thousant!! I'm so happy with her, and also the reason I love ECO shipping method. It was on her way for just 5 days including the weekend :D

I hope you also get her one day!! Thank you again for letting me take over, no regrets at all!!!


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