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Thank you for visiting!

Hello, I'm ankraem (casually known as Anne :3)

I'm your typical collecting gamer girl from Denmark.
Being a collector in Denmark can be lonely, as I have yet to meet anyone with the same love for figures as I have.

I love playing games, especially Ninteodo games because my first console was from Nintendo. My favorite game is "The Legend of Zelda", and that's why i'm really looking forward to the New Zelda gameHide

I've started collecting in 2010, my first figure being Sheik from First 4 figures item #12060
My collection of anime figures started a year later,

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08 дней назадHibilyne289Hibilyne289
Figma sayaka Miki school girl, I need it lol
05 месяцев назадXarvyXXarvyX
ankraem (5 месяцев назад) #20004276Great! I'll get in touch tomorrow :)
No worries. You didn't disturb me at all ;)
I just have a few important assignments I need to finish and they take a lot of my time atm -.-

I know that feeling :(
Good luck!
05 месяцев назадXarvyXXarvyX
ankraem (5 месяцев назад) #20004244I'll send you a pm sometime tomorrow (possibly in the afternoon - I have classes all day) with all the information you need :)
Can't get to my computer before then, and it's quite awkward to send all this from my phone.
Hope you can wait that long?
When I'll send it all depends on when I get the payment and where I'll need to send it to.
But we'll discuss all that in the pm tomorrow ;)

no problems, take your time :)
sorry if I disturbed you!
05 месяцев назадXarvyXXarvyX
ankraem (5 месяцев назад) #20004142Shipping will be very expensive outside of Europe, so I prefer to ship to Europe only when the figure is as large and heavy as it is.

ok give me your paypal,
and when are you going to ship it and does it have tracking?
05 месяцев назадXarvyXXarvyX
ankraem (5 месяцев назад) #20004115Hello,
Yes it is still available:)
Let me know if you are interested and we'll work something out.
I'm a bit busy atm, so I might not answer your messages right away.

I'm interested, do you ship internationally?
if not I have an address in Europe.

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