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Official collection: persona & issho hello kitty also figmas
and 1/12 scale items I can put my hands on.

selling/trading part of my collection to make room for new figures.
i have a LIST with figures I sell/trade.

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03 дня назадAzaizerAzaizer
Happy Bday pretty lady! =D
09 месяцев назадAvolionAvolion
Hi! Did you read my message on your sell list?
011 месяцев назадcanetoncaneton
Are you for real? I'd LOVE to buy Ichigo from you, especially since I just got my magical girls displayed in the living room.
01 год назадkarinitakarinita
Hi!!! I tried sent you inbox since many days ago but you have it full. Can I wrote you here?
01 год назадfanimefanime
Yor inbox is full so I can't send you other message; I want buy you the figure, please help me.
Is a gift for my sister, I ready for pay you

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