akarinakarin I haven't forgotten group orders. Please bare with me.

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Hi. On a hiatus. You can find me on twitter though (ask for handle)
٭Regarding group orders: Since I'm out of town and the only local post office here is currently facing issues, shipments will be extremely delayed. Please know I have read all your messages and will calculate and ship your items as soon as I can.

View spoilerHide spoilerYou can also find me on Schoolidolu: [ext link ]

→Please check out my sales←
& sales list (a few more items)
☆Group Orders:

View spoilerHide spoilerRegarding group orders, after any of the active splits/GOs I'm hosting are completed, I will not be hosting anything anymore due to school, life, responsibilities, etc...
Last ACTIVE GOs/Splits I'm hosting:
☆Ensemble Stars! Movic Valkyrie+Switch
☆Love Live! Sunshine school idol diary keychains
☆Love Live! can badges
(will host when info comes out since I already volunteered to do so)

☆Potential split: Ensemble Stars Switch+Sensei omanjuu
(still waiting for slots to fill)

☆Icon Artwork belongs to: @ohyg3
Please message me if you want it removed. Thank you!


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