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Welcome http://orig14.deviantart.net/ab08/f/2013/275/f/2/emoji02_by_emoji_icon-d6kv97g.gif
やった 1000XP !

Il m'arrive de vendre de temps en temps donc faîtes vous plaisir
Je propose toujours les meilleurs prix ici !


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124 дня назадHoshikoPsycheHoshikoPsyche
Bonjour ~
J'adore votre collection ! :D
09 месяцев назадNendoStoriesNendoStories
ahah merci :)
Maintenant il faut que je comprenne comme ça marche :)

Yatta_ (9 месяцев назад) #13073728Bienvenu t'a bien fait de venir ici :D
211 месяцев назадMikanEdoMikanEdo
Yattaaa! Joyeux anniversaire!! ^^
01 год назадYoeJatesYoeJates
Hey Yatta,

I saw that you are trying to sell your Nozomi figure? I live in the UK, so how much would the shipping cost for that and is the figure in condition? Why are you selling it?
11 год назадMadhatterMadhatter
Yatta_ (1 год назад) #5214499Well we're Neighbors, if u are really from Germany off course.
So i can do an exception for you ;)
The total with the fees shipping and paypal is 82€ in details : Figure: 63€ , Fees Shipping: 16€ Fees Paypal 3€

Hello Yatta,

I'm really from Germany :) See I can use those letters: ö ä ü :D
Anyhow I forgot how freaking high the shipping between europe is. :o
Sorry, I think I'm not going to the figure then.
Good luck to find a great new home for her <3

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