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My name is Star, and one day I fell in love with a vampire.

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017 дней назадyuu12rikuyuu12riku
Your inbox full~
01 месяц назадyuu12rikuyuu12riku
Vidoll (1 месяц назад) #24184878Happy birthday dear! :)Thank you~ It supposed to be tomorrow 2nd but maybe mfc's notice want to congrats me first :3
02 месяца назадkilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hie ^^ I'm going to order (mfc link) I just wanted to make sure you are going to stay confirmed?
04 месяца назадLilliaLillia
Vidoll (4 месяца назад) #20508225Haha I realize how bad that sounds now. I just meant dangerous for the wallet x3
Aw! I'm sorry to hear that :( I hope things start looking up for you! If you ever need to talk I'm here for you. I know we don't know each other well yet but I'm a good listener.
I'm doing just fine, thanks for asking :D

Dangerous is right xDD
Thank you, I really appreciate that! I'll be here to listen if you need anything as well. I'm a good listener and advice giver :)
My message never sent yesterday but I was saying at some point I'll PM you or something :P
04 месяца назадLilliaLillia
Vidoll (4 месяца назад) #20504812Sorry for the late reply! I had a busy day and haven't had the time to get on the computer until now!
Ruby is a great choice :P I may be a bit bias though haha. Like I said before, the split group can be dangerous :P but it's definitely fun haha. I can't imagine shipping would be too much, especially domestic (a few dollars, though I'm just now starting to ship out stuff from my first split so I can't say for sure o:). However, the norm is to charge the person purchasing for shipping of course, and most are understanding and willing to do so!
I understand haha, I like that she's eccentric as you say :P She also has a very cute character design imo.
I also realized I never asked! How are you doing?

Ah okay ^^ Just for clarification, what do you mean by "dangerous"?
And yeah her character design is super adorbs :3
I've had a rough past few days to be perfectly honest, thanks for asking though! What about you?? :)

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