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Hi, I'm Stephie. I love collecting figures. My favorites are articulated figures, especially figma. In addition to collecting the figures, I also really enjoy making dioramas and things for them. I also like attempting custom figures and hope to one day get pretty good at it.

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020 дней назадValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Figma Jeanne finally got announced, though I'm sure you know already haha Just really excited about it.
01 месяц назадValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Hello Stephie. How's paradise?

Also, are you hyped for Figma Nero and Jeanne? I am!
03 месяца назадMew-Lidia9Mew-Lidia9
A little late, but Happy Birthday!!:)
03 месяца назадFgrClctnFgrClctn
Another late Birthday greeting to you; hope your special day was filled with the best for you!
03 месяца назадAzaizerAzaizer
It's belated but Happy Bday anyways! Hope you had a great time on your special day! =D

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