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Hello~ :3 I started reading manga and watching anime since the early 2000's, but I've only started officially collecting manga and anime items since December 31st 2015. ☆★ I am very picky towards what to collect, because I want to save money+space & it allows me to treat everything I own more special. :)

Anime I own that is not listed in the MFC database:
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1. Air: Collector's Limited Edition Art Box Set - Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 [DVD] (ADV Films)
2. Air: The Motion Picture [DVD] (ADV Films)
3. Air TV: The Complete Series (S.A.V.E.) [DVD] (Funimation)
4. Vampire Knight: The Complete Collection [DVD] (Viz Media)
5. Steins;Gate: The Complete Series (Anime Classics) [Blu-ray + DVD] (Funimation)

1. Gundam Wing [Blu-ray + DVD] (Nozomi Entertainment) *COMING OUT IN LATE 2017!!!*
2. Death Note
3. Sword Art Online
4. Erased
5. Attack on Titan
6. Parasyte
7. Snow White with the Red Hair
8. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
9. One Punch Man
11. Momokuri
12. Your Lie in April
13. Lull in the Sea

Doujin CD I own that is not listed in the MFC database:
#53 TAM3-0020
AirコラボCD 初期作品集
(Air collaboration / Violin+Piano Arrange CD)
Tam's Violin x Uno's Piano
Release Date: 08/17/2007

Feel free to leave me a message~ ❣ ^^

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06 дней назадrozellerozelle
StarFruit (9 дней назад) #21268787View spoilerHide spoilerNo problem at all! We can all take our time in replying, it's not like we have a time-limit~ ^w^
And yeah, I recently received my EMS package this week. Took only 3 days, feels so nice to receive things so fast but it really costed me so much! Also, didn't get hit by customs either which I was totally thinking I would've got hit this time around again. D: Well either way, I'm going to try hard to go back to choosing airmail and SAL now. :< I'd want to spend more money on items than shipping now~
I love how Shinichi is tugging onto his tie, I think he looks really hot doing that. xD
I actually haven't started watching the Monogatari series yet, so I might have to see it now too~ I want to know about your waifu too. :P
It's crazy how there's so less DC fans out of Japan! :( DC is so popular in Japan. I literally was still thinking whether to get this DC merchandise by a Japan seller the other day, and it was sold right away after 1 day. T_T
Ahaha, yep...That's why I never minded that nobody else called my waifu their waifu~ Less competition is good for me to buy more cheaper merchandise of my waifu. But now I'm pretty competitive with the other guy who shares the same love for my waifu. He has some merchandise of my waifu that I don't have, so I get jealous. LOL >:D

Thank you so much for understanding <3 But I agree with you! I don't mind even a year or so later reply as long as I hear from someone :D

Wow that's really quick! :3 Gotta love the efficiency of EMS shipping despite the price. Also lucky! That's really good. I hear it is by chance whether you get hit by customs or not. Spooky. Glad you avoided it this time around!!

HAHA I can't even agree more. We need more Shinichi like this xD.

Eyy! It's quite a long anime though so I understand if it might take you a lot of time before you get to it :P (It took me forever to catch up LOL)

I agree! Most people outside of Japan prefer One Piece but I can understand since it's also a fun and amazing series (I just happen to be one of those that likes crime anime genre more xD). Though I believe Detective Conan needs more credit for what it really is >_< And aww. Which merchandise was it? I hope they restock soon >.<

HAHAHA I feel you with that competitive stuff :D I get jelly when people own figures of my favourite characters that I don't own too orz. Hopefully we find a great deal for them in the future! Or pray to the merchandise and figure gods to give us more goods :3
07 дней назадOse_93Ose_93
StarFruit (7 дней назад) #21351492Thank-you for accepting~ I really enjoy watching your Youtube videos! :)
Love meeting another romance manga fan too. And yeah, the manga was so cute that I had to buy it :D
Victor's plush cushion is really soft!!! I totally recommend it. xD

Aw, thank you! <3

I'm tempted to buy Takane to Hana since the characters dynamic is so cute and funny. Hopefully they both get licensed in English before I cave. XD
07 дней назадOse_93Ose_93
Thanks for the friend request!

Another romance manga fan <3

I think the I Love You Baby manga seems very cute so far!

(And, haha, I want that Victor plush now so I can squish his cheeks too!)
013 дней назадrozellerozelle
StarFruit (14 дней назад) #21073321View spoilerHide spoilerYeah, seriously I hope the Canadian dollar becomes better really soon. ;___; I felt so bad about overpaying on things...I used to be really patient for my stuff and I always would pick the cheapest shipping like seamail (takes 2-3 months delivery) or mostly SAL and sometimes Airmail. However, I don't really know why, but I became pretty eager to get my stuff now, so I've been using EMS recently and it's sooo expensive. ;A; Hopefully I can become more patient again because it makes me sad that a lot of times--I had to pay more for the shipping fee than for the items itself. x( I couldn't help it though, since I became so impatient...><; Getting hit by customs is the worst too!!! I almost forgot about that part too, I've got hit so many times before and had to pay so much. It really sucks since the items and shipping was already expensive enough.
And omg, I thought that the Shinichi scale seemed more like Kaitou Kid too! xD It's not a bad thing or whatsoever though, so I still think it's pretty nice~
Ahhh, I love fluffy romance stories~ I don't like the really cheesy ones though, I just like the really cute and innocent ones! Definitely check out my anime list link listed on my profile then~ I've listed my favourites in the manga section. :3
Yep! Your deal of $40 is really good though, considering how I would still hear people mention about the Monogatari series sometimes while I don't really hear anyone talk about Air at all these days. LOL Can't be helped, since it's an underrated and old anime. xD
Hehehe, yes. I'm always proud of my waifu. *w* Literally I hear so many people have the same waifu (Rem, Asuna, Kurisu, Saber, Miku) and I've only heard like one other guy call my waifu his waifu too. It's good to have like no competition for the love of my waifu's!!! Hahaha~ -embracing the underrated-ness* :DDD

apologies for the very late reply! I was using mobile the past few days and mfc doesn't work well on mine ;_; I hope you are doing well friend!

Also I feel you about the shipping part. I haven't used EMS. The fastest I've used is Air Small Parcel but it was heavily taxed and customs tend to hit it just like EMS (Canada Post pls). But wow you are really patient before! 2-3 months wait for items. I get impatient with SAL what more with waiting for 2-3 months ;_; Also exactly. The custom fees we are being asked to pay for is too much. It really hurts our wallet. I think Airmail would be a greater choice if you ever get to choose for shipping again! Although what I think is good about EMS is that you have full insurance for it and items don't get damaged/lost. I just really wish it wasn't expensive orz.

Yes! Confident Shinichi looks cool too :D It was a surprise when everyone saw that scale LOL

Also thank you! I will check out your anime list for sure :3 Fluffy romance stories are always the best ones compared to those cheesy ones we often see. xDD

Yeah. Everyone always talks about Monogatari series although I only truly liked the first series of it LOL. I hope there are more people who would talk about Air as well! I can't wait until I get to it. I will definitely update you about it when I do :D I dislike when good anime are underrated ;_; (even for Detective Conan not a lot of people here know it since it's not popular outside of Japan as other mainstream series)

Also lucky you for having no competition! :D Although I'm glad there is also that rare person who share the waifu love/support at least *w*
015 дней назадrozellerozelle
StarFruit (15 дней назад) #21039162View spoilerHide spoilerHaha, yeah! Even I somewhat think you December babies are considered "young"...LOL One of my friend's birthday is actually December 31st and I actually find that so cool, because she gets to be like the youngest of our whole grade back in high school. ;w;
YES! I really regret not starting to collect earlier during the years when the Canadian dollar was good!!! We had to pay so much more money now because our Canadian dollar rate is so bad. T_T Shipping fees also suck.
I totally agree that the Shinichi's SEGA prize figure's art style is like the closest to the original and how the pose is like perfectly matching to Shinichi! Those reasons are exactly why I love the figure so much and think it's really worth too. That's also why I said I am pretty satisfied with just owning this figure already without getting his scale. :) (His scale is still really nice too though!) I wonder what your collection will look like then if you plan to downsize or adjust to it soon, my collection looks totally different now than before. I sold so much stuff before due to my craziness. >w<;
Orange was really good! I was so emotionally attached to Kakeru though...Haha, and yeah, I totally know everyone has their own preferences. That's why I never get mad whenever someone says they think Air is bad and Clannad is the best! (Which a lot of people DO say that actually. And the funny thing is, I do agree that Clannad would be the Key anime that I would recommend to people in general more than Air. XD) Although I'm a huge fan of Air and would love it to gain more fans, I'm fine that not much people like it too...That just means, more cheap merchandise for me! :D I actually got 2 of my scale figures of my waifu for like $5 and $10 each!!! LOL And yeah, they're not even bootlegs because she's too underrated for anyone to even make a bootleg for. Hahaha, that's when I didn't know whether to feel sad or happy that barely anyone likes her or not. Although I think half of the reason is also because Air is an old anime, like 17 years old too...^_^; But you know, when you get a 1/8 scale of your waifu for $5, it's just such an amazing feeling!!! :DDD So it's really hard to complain about it's popularity whether you're a fan or not~
PS. Yes! Not sure if my waifu will be your type of girl too, but I think my waifu is really adorable~ LOL The only problem is she's clumsy. :3 ///shamelessly promotes own waifu

ohh wow! December 31st, really young indeed :D LOL I think some of us December youngsters find you guys cool too! Since you get to be legal before us :P (thought that really means nothing to me other than possibly getting driver's license since I don't have a thing for partying/drinking xD).

One can only hope the CAD gets better... someday... in the future T__T. Oh yes shipping fees are the worst! I try to stick to SAL and Air Small Packet but when I got hit by customs I just go fully SAL but I get soooo impatient >.< And at the same time I'm cheap so I'll just wait for it xD

Yesss! I love how they did his pose and his design. So very Shinichi-like! (Got to thank you for posting the difference between Prize A and B of Shinichi btw! Just saw the photo comparison of them. Might consider to get him in the far future when there is more space and money to spend lol) His scale is more like the Kaitou Kid disguise LOL but I just decided to get it anyway if I'm going to spend almost $80 on the SEGA Shinichi anyway without knowing its authenticity so I had to choose between them >.<

Oh yes I was emotionally attached to Kakeru too. I'm glad our heroine and the friends were successful in saving him from committing suicide. That was so heart-warming ahh. And yes! I respect everyone's preferences. I can also like the mushy-feely side of shoujo when I'm in the mood for it! Because who doesn't love fluff?! :D The Taiyou no Ie and Vampire Knight (which I see you have a wonderful collection of) manga were amazing too. Need to check out more actually if you have other recommendations :D I really would like to try anything (except ecchi LOL. I stay away from those.) :3

Also wow really?! That's a steal for scale figures :O I feel you about getting waifus at a steal price although I never got one for THAT good of a deal! My waifu is the most underrated character on Monogatari series and I'm so happy her scale was only $40 (original price was >$100). Got to love and hate the underratedness (mostly love for saving more hahaha)

Aww I love adorable anime heroines <3 Clumsiness can come as cute too in its own way LOL. You go girl :D This is what waifus are all about. Be proud of her *w*

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