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14 года назадCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
SpaceCowboy (4 года назад) #1649500Yeah, that is a good one. But with only 2000 of them I don't think I'll be able to find one in good condition. You're lucky to have him! I wish there were more awesome Bebop and Champloo figures out there though...

Ah, but people sell them eventually. I thought I'd never have even a slight chance to get him, but that definitely changed. Yet the fun thing about this hobby is "the hunt".
I agree with you 100%. If only there were more Bebop/ Champloo figures.
So how is it going so far on MFC?
04 года назадOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
04 года назадCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
SpaceCowboy (4 года назад) #1649482I know... I've been trying to find some good figures for both of those shows, but there just aren't any that I really like.

Well, there is one nice Mugen figure that exists, but he is rare.
It took me awhile to find him, but he is really worth it! (item #283)
Someone is selling him on here, but it's broken (which can be a good thing, price-wise).
Although, it would be nice to have a good Jin and Fuu figure as well.
04 года назадCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
SpaceCowboy (4 года назад) #1649464Thank you! I agree, Cowboy Bebop is definitely an awesome show!

Too bad there aren't many decent figures for it. Just some low quality stuff and garage kits that are hard to find. It's the same deal with Samurai Champloo D:
04 года назадCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
Welcome to the community!
I am inlove with your username and picture @.@
Spike Spiegel and Cowboy Bebop are the best things in this universe...

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