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I think I've found my MFC niche in hunting down and adding a bunch of old GKs to the database.

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01 месяц назадChibiZeeChibiZee
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
03 месяца назадCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
SerpentyleTorc (3 месяца назад) #19123059Hi hi!
I am more or less dead to the world rn. Resolving life choices yada yada yada...
Yay! Welc back (no one will ever escape mwahahahahhahahaaaa..)
Wats up with you? Where'd you disappear to?

Same here, man. I've been very physically ill lately with possible thyroid problems and school has been a huge struggle, but somehow I'm still afloat??? Although I've been missing a lot of school and hibernating because I've been feeling very weak and fatigue. What kind of life choices are you resolving if you don't mind me asking? You doin okay??

My God this hobby murders me. It needs to not do that. I tried to sell most of my collection and I ended up buying more! It's because I dabbled in sofubi a few months ago and then came straight back to anime figures aaaaaa.
03 месяца назадCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
Friend! Do you exist? Are you alive? I have not seen you for so long and I've been dead on Facebook because fuck facebook! How are you? I have been on here more and more lately... I find myself wandering back to collecting! It's a curse I tell you!!! An enchantment!!!
01 год назад (1 год назад)tsukky_tsukky_
SerpentyleTorc (1 год назад) #11641472haha, you probably didn't miss much, since the same game that's been going for like a decade now, is still going. Over 18 volumes of ONE. SINGLE. GAME. It's the granddaddy of stretching things out. (Good thing the anime stops before then) Ha ha, thanks. Good to know XD
01 год назадtsukky_tsukky_
SerpentyleTorc (1 год назад) #11625392FKMT (Nobuyuki Fukumoto) is the creator of things like Kaiji, Akagi, and a few other series. Very "unique" artstyle. But oh man his work is so gooodd! If you loved One Outs, you'd love Akagi.
The reason I mention Dive (mfc link) and Union is because they're the ones who take on most of the CrowsxWorst figures, so since One Outs and Usogui are made for a similar audience, they'd would probably be quite popular with their buyers.
I agree on the problems with Union. They do have some nice figures, but most are disappointing and pricey. The do make a whole lot of male figures though, and pick up some series that the bigger companies don't touch. Also, they are a fairly young company, so I still have hope that they'll improve eventually. *pray*

Thanks for explanation. I was reading Akagi but I stopped at some point. I would have to read it from the beginnig because I'm not sure where I ended reading it XD.
You are right. Their good point is that they make a lot male figures and pick up some series that the bigger companies don't touch. *I pray too for better quality of Union figures. I usually preorder figures or buy them after release (mostly because I missed some figures). In case Union I would wait for aftermarket when price would be lower, especially if prototype looked bad, weird.

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